Tennessee Representative Diana Harshbarger Responds to President Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

Dana Harshbarger


Speaking to News 5 WCYB on Saturday, Tennessee Representative Diana Harshbarger (R-TN-01) criticized President Joe Biden’s newest executive order on vaccine mandates, calling it “unconstitutional.”

Harshbarger said, “We’ve seen now that a lot of governors are talking to their attorney generals and they are going to file lawsuits against that. I had been vaccinated. I tell everybody to do it. They didn’t cut corners, they cut red tape and for goodness sakes protect yourself. But nobody should ever be told; that’s why I put legislation out that it’s a no vaccine passport. You should not be forced to do something against your will.”

On Friday, the day after Joe Biden announced his new vaccine plan that would impact more than 100 million Americans, Representative Harshbarger released an official statement that said in part, “The President’s new vaccine mandates are an unconstitutional threat to freedom in the United States. This government overreach is nothing short of authoritarian rule and I am strongly opposed to these ludicrous mandates.”

In June, Harshbarger introduced the No Vaccine Passports for Americans Act” in the House of Representatives. The bill would prohibit any COVID-19 vaccine passport or similar system of tracking people for vaccination proof. It would also prohibit the United States from working with third parties, including airlines, to develop or impose restrictions.

This is far from the only issue Representative Harshberger has with President Joe Biden.

As recently as Labor Day, Harshbarger joined FOX News and called for President Biden’s impeachment over his controversial withdrawal in Afghanistan.

During the interview, Harshbarger said, “The people that I serve demand that we at least put up articles of impeachment because people at the top are accountable and it flows right down through the administration. My question to the Biden administration is, ‘Who is pulling the strings and who is giving you advice that is so horrible that within eight months things have gotten so bad here in America?’.”

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network.
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