Chiefs for Change, a Group Which Lists Tennessee Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn as a Member, Issues Statement Supporting Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate


Chiefs for Change – an educational advocacy group made up of school system leaders such as commissioners, superintendents, and CEOs – has come out in support of President Joe Biden’s new executive order on vaccine mandates. Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Education, Penny Schwinn, is a part of the group.

In a statement on Thursday, the group applauded the President’s executive order, saying, “The COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective – and they are what will finally end this pandemic. We commend the Biden Administration for requiring staff at all Head Start programs, Department of Defense schools, and Bureau of Indian Education-operated schools to get vaccinated, and we echo the president’s request that states require vaccines for their K-12 employees.”

The statement goes on with a request for the Biden administration, saying, “The Administration’s plan represents a very important step forward for our nation. As a bipartisan network of state and district education leaders, we now ask the federal government to provide the timeline for the FDA review of the Covid vaccine for children under the age of 12.”

The group, which has over 40 members from across the United States, also posted a tweet in support of President Biden’s new vaccine mandates. The tweet reads, “The #Covid #vaccines are safe and effective – and they are what will finally end this pandemic. We appreciate new federal actions, and ask every American to help vaccinate our communities and keep schools safe and open this year.”

Schwinn, who was sworn in as the Tennessee Education Commissioner in 2019, has not publicly supported or dismissed the statements from Chiefs for Change.
President Joe Biden’s new executive order on vaccine mandates, which impacts over 100 million Americans, directs the Labor Department to require all businesses with 100 or more employees ensure their workers are either vaccinated or tested once a week.

On Twitter, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee called the president’s vaccine mandate a “power grab” and vowed to “stand up for all Tennesseans.”

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]com.





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13 Thoughts to “Chiefs for Change, a Group Which Lists Tennessee Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn as a Member, Issues Statement Supporting Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate”

  1. VoterVic

    Well obviously, Penny Schwinn should be paying dues to #CheifsForChange with her own money, not taxpayers dollars! Reading the article, I’m wondering what Chiefs for Changes thinks about Biden’s mandate excusing the USPS, Congress and their staff, Companies with 99 employees, and all the other exemptions! But, SURELY the governor is tired of this woman’s shenanigans!

  2. Jean

    According to the CDC website, Children have a 99.9 % recovery rate from Covid.
    Thousands of children have been killed or injured from this shot.
    These people are pure evil and must be held accountable, follow the money.

  3. 83ragtop50

    Tennessee schools need to “vaccinated” for Schwinn accomplished by Lee firing this Cal Berkley misfit. I cannot begin to imagine why he chose her in the first place. Of course he did not consult with anyone before making this disastrous choice.

  4. Jim Huggins

    Schwinn and her ilk are fascists and ignorant of the vaccines’ dangers. Why do these people continue to come to our state? Power, power, power!!

  5. Israel is the most vaccinated country in the whole world.
    Israel is the most infected country in the whole world‼

  6. Jennifer Hamblin

    Chiefs for Change is Jeb Bush’s organization that was created during the days of Common Core. Is that not enough said? Schwinn is a leftist progressive and has a long list of leftist associations. So, is Schwinn supporting vaccine mandates in our schools? Especially when Governor Lee stated that “ the president’s vaccine mandate a “power grab” and vowed to “stand up for all Tennesseans.”
    They have no authority to mandate an experimental vaccine on anyone, especially children! There is no scientific reason to vaccinate children. “NO. the Pfizer vaccine used currently in the US has NOT been approved by the FDA. It is still a EUA vaccine. The Comirnaty vaccine is not yet available and that is the vaccine that was approved. This was a bait and switch attempt by the FDA to make people think the Pfizer vax we are currently using was approved.“ KB
    “This is complete violation of the Nuremberg Code and our Constitution. TN has a religious exemption and parents need to start filing their exemption. This vaccine is not like the measles, mumps etc,,,vaccines. It is experimental and the long- term dangers have not been evaluated. The FDA back in October 2020 created a long list of side effects but that list has to this day never been shared with the public. The public is not told of these side effects when given the shot and this is another violation of the Nuremberg Code. Giving people a vaccine that has never been animal tested first is also a violation of the Nuremberg Code. We are the lab animals. FYI, the US wrote the Nuremberg Code and now totally dismisses it.” KB
    Why would anyone take a medication, and allow it to be injected in your body with no proof of the potential long- term issues, and that if killed or damaged you for life, you would no way to hold them liable? I was hospitalized for 5 days, for this 99% cure rate, man- made covid virus. I was not vaccinated going in and will not be coming out. Two doctors tag teamed me and tried to bully/scare me into getting the vaccine. I simply said thank you but no way, thank you. People are dying form the vaccine. People are getting the vaccine, being tested for antibodies and their immune systems, and discovering that on my, something has happened since they got the vaccine. Heart and other health troubles are appearing for those who got the vaccine. Folks who have received BOTH vaccines are STILL testing positive for Covid. I chose my right, my freedom to what I deem common sense, with scientific results, not scare-herding tactics, and certainly not self- serving power-financial grabs that started this Godless movement to begin with. LEAVE our children alone and STOP treading on our rights as USA Citizens, to make our on choices for our own well- being. If you want the vaccine, get it. IT is your choice to make your decision. STOP the MADNESS of so- called legal Mandates and Shame tactics on those who choose not to.

    1. Wolf Woman

      @Jennifer Hamblin

      Well stated. Yes to all your points.

    2. Shannon Bontemps


  7. In one form or another, CIVID will be here forever. You can’t crush it, you can’t run it out of town, you can’t wish it away. Mandates are a joke, especially when unlimited illegal immigration goes unchecked, carveouts flow like soda pop (postal service’s 680,000 employees),) etc. This bunch of clowns can pound sand. But one thing the left does well, is come up with all those cutesy names, Chiefs of Change, and all those wonderful sounding bills in congress.

  8. Wayne

    This woman is a menace to Liberty and the Constitution !!

  9. Ron W

    Biden’s “vaccine” mandates are classic fascism whereby the government uses corporations to attack our human rights, to “be secure in our persons” (4th Amendment) and “healthcare is a right” a non-enumerated which is included in the 9th Amendment. One would think that supposed liberals would strongly object, but no, they have devolved into collectivist authoritarianism.

    “When fascism comes to America it will be called anti-fascism.” —Huey Long

  10. Kevin

    If We the People don’t start reining in Federal, State AND Local Governments right now, we won’t have any freedoms to quibble about in the future!

    Tennessee needs to call for a special Legislative session, immediately, and pass laws that forbid any BS Covid anything, mask mandates, forced vaccines, vaccine passports, etc!

  11. mikey whipwreck

    she should have been fired long ago, she is terrible