Arizona Attorney General Candidate Lacy Cooper Calls for Ballot Initiative Reform


Arizona Attorney General contender Lacy Cooper on Tuesday called for reforms to the state’s ballot reform initiative, in order to provide “greater transparency.”

In a series of tweets, the former prosecutor, who is vying for the GOP nomination to replace Attorney General Brnovich, outlined a need to implement a higher bar for potential laws.

Arizona, one of the few states in the country, allows for ballot measures to potentially alter both state statutes and constitutional amendments.

One issue, Cooper argues, is that the propositions are often heavily-worded and difficult to understand.

“Have you ever read a ballot proposition and been confused about what the new law is trying to say, or wondered whether a “Yes” vote or a “No” would have the desired outcome? Arizona needs greater transparency and higher standards in its initiative process. Let’s raise the bar,” Cooper questioned of the process.

If elected attorney general, Cooper pledged to support a process that would implement a system with “higher standards.”

“As your next Attorney General, I will advocate for practical reforms to the ballot initiative process. Arizonans have a right to know what exactly they’re voting for. Higher standards are needed for propositions to pass, especially constitutional amendments,” she added.

Cooper also pointed to out-of-state lobbying by groups to influence the outcome of the election. In the previous election cycle, thousands of dollars flowed into the state to support the passage of Proposition 207, which allowed for the legalization of recreational marijuana.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. Ballot initiatives create almost untouchable laws so they should require more than a mere majority of voters to pass, especially constitutional amendments. Additional protections will prevent out-of-state lobbying firms from hijacking AZ elections,” Cooper concluded of the potential reform.

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