Indoor Mask Mandate Ordinance in Davidson County One Vote Away from Approval by Metro Council


Metro Council members voted to move forward late Tuesday with a proposed ordinance that would impose an indoor mask mandate for individuals living and working in the city of Nashville and Davidson County.

The bill (BL2021-872), if passed, would require masks in public spaces like stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and bars. Violators could face a $50 fine.

Two notable exceptions to the wide-ranging measure are listed on page three and again on page four of the proposed ordinance. First is that masking is exempted while in houses of worship. The second is that the mask mandate does not apply while an individual is in a building or indoor space owned, managed, or leased by the State of Tennessee or federal government.

The members who supported the indoor mask mandate won the vote 21-12. The next Metro Council meeting is scheduled for October 5th where the vote for the mandate will come up for its third and final vote and, if passed, the ordinance would take effect immediately.

The text of the proposed ordinance does not name a date nor describe the conditions needed to end the mandate.

Joy Styles is the bill’s chief sponsor along with four other sponsors including Sharon Hurt, Sandra Sepulveda, Emily Benedict, and Russ Bradford.

Speaking to FOX 17 News, one of the sponsors of the bill, Russ Bradford, said in a statement, “I am supporting this bill because it’s the right thing to do. Masks work and they should be a part of a multi-pronged approach to combat this pandemic. If we could get more people vaccinated then we wouldn’t need to take this step, however with roughly 40% of our county unvaccinated and an even higher amount in our surrounding counties we must take steps to protect our citizens and our economy.”

Meanwhile, as FOX 17 News notes, the health department continues to stand its ground and say they stand behind a letter from MPHD Director Dr. Gill Wright stating as valuable as masks are, the way through this pandemic is vaccination. Dr. Wright added if hospitals are stretched to the breaking point or overrun by an influx of COVID cases, there could be action. But he says we aren’t at that point right now in Davidson County.

It is unclear what legal authority would be attached to this ordinance if it passes on a third reading.

The Metropolitan Council is the legislative authority of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, a city-county consolidated government created on April 1, 1963.

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]




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12 Thoughts to “Indoor Mask Mandate Ordinance in Davidson County One Vote Away from Approval by Metro Council”

  1. […] The Tennessee Star reported, two notable exceptions to the wide-ranging measure are listed on page three and again on page […]

  2. JB Taylor

    So there must be another Huge influx of federal dollars coming as an Incentive to Mandate maskes. Find the Money Trail!

  3. 83ragtop50

    No skin off my nose. I stopped doing business in Davidson County 2-3 years ago. I refuse to support the liberal lunatics.

  4. Karen

    The masks are no longer any type of virtue signal (not that they signaled any kind of virtue as others have thought). They are now an IQ signal..if you’re wearing one, you’re IQ is in the low double digits. Common sense tells you that breathing your own air back in, is not healthy! THAT is why the numbers are increasing (if they really are…)!

  5. Maggietwin

    if this #hit gets passed me and all my friends will be shopping, going to restaurants, and movies out of Davidson County. You a$$holes on the Metro Commission, need to stop being afraid and projecting fear to your constituents. I can shop in Rutherford, or Wilson counties, they’ll get my money but Davidson County won’t see a dime. Time to vote these people out of office, they have too much power and no freaking brains. They are afraid so the rest of us need to suffer. Shove your mask mandates up where the sun don’t shine.

  6. LM

    If enough people do not comply , this stupidity will stop.

    1. CMinTN

      ^^^This! The Founders gave We the People the power of nullification. Educate yourselves on this as it is the only way we will prevail. Playing games with corrupt courts is a waste of time…

  7. David Blackwell RN, BSN, CCM

    How dumb has the public really become. Turn off the television.

  8. Concerned!

    People are over the whole mask issue. Enough is enough already! If you feel you want to wear a mask go ahead. But do Not force people to do something that has already been proven ineffective! No More!

  9. John

    Live near the Davidson county line. It’s convenient because stores are closer but it’s no skin off my teeth to drive an extra 5 minutes and spend my money in the county I live in.

    The suburbs are already in shambles from previous Mayors neglecting them in favor of downtown. All that is left are the small businesses. Once they are gone, Nashville and it’s surrounding suburbs will be the Detroit of the south.

    Enjoy the high taxes and the escalating murder rate, liberals. You voted for it so now it is time you live in the hell you created. Don’t f-ing move out of Davidson to one of the surrounding counties, bringing your f-ed up politics with you.

  10. Kitty Lenoir

    I’m old enough to remember ‘2 weeks to flatten the curve’. Governor Lee needs to step up and ban all these crazy mandates and restrictions imposed on us by a bunch of political quacks.

  11. lb

    How to destroy small businesses in one easy lesson.
    This is reason 1Million1 we moved 1 mile outside Davidson County.