Governor Bill Lee Wants Your Opinion Before New Tennessee License Plates Are Decided on


Tennessee Governor Bill Lee (R-TN) invited Tennesseans on Monday to “Rate the Plates” and help choose the state’s next standard license plate by selecting their favorite design at

Per Tennessee statute, the license plate is redesigned every eight years if funds are approved in the General Assembly’s annual budget.

The four new contenders offer different combinations of white or navy blue plates. Included on each plate are the three stars from the Tennessee state flag, which represent east, middle and west Tennessee.

Governor Lee said in a news release, “As Tennessee celebrates 225 years of statehood, it’s a perfect time to redesign our license plate and feature the tri-star that represents each of our state’s unique grand divisions. We welcome all Tennesseans to cast their vote and play a role in choosing this piece of our state’s history.”

Governor Lee also posted a video on Twitter regarding the new plate designs, along with the caption, “As we continue to celebrate @tennessee225, we need your help choosing TN’s new license plate. Tennesseans can cast a vote for their favorite Tri-Star license plate design by visiting through September 27.”

Voting began on September 20th and will conclude at 11:59 p.m. CT on Monday, September 27. The winning design will be announced later this fall and available to the public in January 2022.

According to the office of the Tennessee governor, the Tennessee statute requires the display of “Tennessee,” “Volunteer State” and “” on the license plate, as well as county name and expiration year decal locations. Statute provides that Tennesseans may select an “In God We Trust” plate option.

The newly-selected license plate design will replace the current one launched in 2006 with modifications made in 2011, 2016, and 2017.

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]
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7 Thoughts to “Governor Bill Lee Wants Your Opinion Before New Tennessee License Plates Are Decided on”

  1. Jerry Pittman sr

    I think the new blue license plates are Very Very Ugly ! They look 👀 like a Kentucky blue! Hopefully I will be able to keep my veterans tag!

  2. Nothing more ugly than the billboard on the rear of our cars, with our identity for the Law Enforcement.
    Originally the tags were for tags from memory that does not go back to 1900, were in the shape of the state. Not any prettier than those offered but still….
    Liberal Law Enforcement wants the county mandated on the plates under the new law.
    Plates were for taxes and now they are for Identify of who owns the car and where they live and probably is driving the car. I am opposed to tracking devices.

  3. 83ragtop50

    Don’t waste the money. Leave the design alone.

  4. John

    They are also farming email address through the voting site. Just put in something derogatory like [email protected] address.

  5. John

    Umm Governor, aren’t there more pressing issues at hand?

  6. Jim

    We have a southern border flooded with aliens of unknown character and citizens don’t want them being brought to TN. We have citizens being forced, or coerced into taking a questionable injection, even when they overwhelmingly object to them. We have the cost of everything from gas to food going through the roof, while the State government takes 2 billion dollars per year more than they should from us. Yet, we have a Governor who’s worried about license plates? And Lee is worried about putting earrings on a pig?

    Maybe he should do a survey out there asking us about important issues! Of course he’d never be able to publish the real results!

  7. LM

    “Your highness, people are starving to death. They can’t even afford bread”.

    “So let them eat cake”.