New Signs Up in Mount Juliet Urge People to ‘Say No to Panhandling’


New street signs have been spotted around Mount Juliet urging people to “Say No to Panhandling”. The sign offers an alternative suggestion which is “Contribute to the Solution – Give to Local Charities”.

In a statement posted on its official Facebook page, the city of Mount Juliet said, “You will notice these newly placed signs around Mt. Juliet starting today. Please know while people and businesses in Mt. Juliet are generous and compassionate, giving cash to panhandlers isn’t a long-term solution.”

The statement continued, “The Mt. Juliet Police Department takes a proactive and graceful approach with panhandlers around town, and does everything in their authority to get panhandlers help if they’re willing to receive it.”

The statement concludes, “If you would like to help out those in need, please consider donating to the Mt. Juliet Help Center, or a local charity of your choice. Specifically, with Mt. Juliet Help Center, you can donate non-perishable and perishable food items, donate financially, sponsor a food drive, or volunteer.”

Currently, under Tennessee Code Section 39-17-313, aggressive panhandling is a Class C misdemeanor. Aggressive panhandling includes touching someone without their consent, obstructing a vehicle or someone’s path, following someone, and/or making a threatening statement or gesture.

Earlier this year, State Senator Paul Bailey (R-Sparta) introduced bill SB 1610 which would make it a Class C misdemeanor offense for a person to:

  • Solicit from the roadway, shoulder, berm, or right-of-way of a controlled-access highway or entrance or exit ramp of such highway;
  • Camp on the shoulder, berm, or right-of-way of a state or interstate highway; or
  • Camp under a bridge or overpass, or within an underpass, of a state or interstate highway.

The bill was shot down by the Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee back in April.

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Say No to Panhandling” by City of Mt. Juliet.






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2 Thoughts to “New Signs Up in Mount Juliet Urge People to ‘Say No to Panhandling’”

  1. Jay

    Something must be done. This is totally out of control

  2. John

    The pan handling is out of control but it’s every last single Mayor of Metro’s fault. They run these people out of downtown, up in the suburbs and now they are spilling over into neighboring counties.

    I say, round them up, put them on a bus, and ship them to Mayor Cooper’s house.