Commentary: National Sabotage by Immigration

by Brian Lonergan


As the first year of a Biden presidency that has felt like a decade nears its end, only the most ardent Democratic partisans still insist that the country is on the right track. The rest of us are left to debate whether the rancid fruit of this regime is a result of incompetence or design. By analysis of this administration’s immigration agenda alone, the inescapable conclusion is that it is indeed the latter. The macabre consequences of this fact threaten to take America into one of the darkest chapters in its history.

These kinds of conclusions run contrary to the traditional American ethos. Those who grew up with Ronald Reagan’s “shining city on a hill” imagery or John F. Kennedy’s New Frontier vision experienced leadership that sought the best for America and its citizenry. In those eras, politicians from both major parties seemed to prioritize the good of the country; they only disagreed on the means to get us there.

Such notions seem quaint given today’s realities. Beneath the surface of Biden’s genial Uncle Joe schtick is an executive branch controlled by some of the most dogmatic left-wing apparatchiks ever seen in American politics. Among their witch’s brew of radical ideas, they have seized upon immigration as one of the quickest and most effective ways to transform the country to their vision.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to give this administration the benefit of the doubt on anything. That became nearly impossible after independent journalist John Solomon broke the news of a letter from recently departed Border Patrol chief Rodney Scott to Democratic and Republican leaders of the Senate and its homeland security and governmental affairs committee.

In his letter, Scott described a culture in the current administration where inexperienced political appointees routinely ignore or reject common-sense recommendations from career immigration enforcement professionals.

Perhaps the most alarming part of Scott’s letter was this: “The Biden administration’s team at DHS is laser-focused on expediting the flow of migrants into the U.S. and downplaying the significant vulnerability this creates for terrorists, narcotics smugglers, human traffickers, and even hostile nations to gain access to our homeland.”

This kind of behavior can no longer be excused as faculty lounge naïveté. It is the sabotage of a nation via immigration policy. How else can a rational mind read Scott’s letter? How can one not conclude that this administration is engaging in a form of Cloward-Piven strategy to destabilize the nation for its own political benefit?

If we had a legitimate watchdog press in the country, it would treat the Scott letter as a bombshell story that demands answers from this administration. Because the press corps are mostly Biden allies, however, we get urgent reports of what ice cream flavor the commander in chief had over the weekend while thousands of potentially COVID-infected foreign nationals enter the country illegally.

Further insult is paid to the American people when this administration responds to the few critical questions it receives on the crises it has created. When pressed by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy on the duplicity of requiring vaccinations or negative COVID tests for those flying into the country but no such requirement for those walking across our southern border, White House mouthpiece Jen Psaki responded that the latter are “not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time.”

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, lampooned as the Baghdad Bob of the administration, routinely insists that the border is closed, all evidence to the contrary. When legitimate questions or criticisms are offered of what is clearly a disastrous policy, the preferred response from the Left is to accuse that person of being nativist, xenophobic, or racist.

Beyond that, this White House is not above giving oxygen to absurd, social-media-fueled theories. Psaki recently criticized images of what some interpreted as federal agents in Texas on horseback using whips to corral Haitian migrants. Despite the outrage from blue-check warriors on Twitter including U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), the charge was proven to be demonstrably false when what appeared to be a whip in a photo was actually the reins to control the horse.

For all the destruction this administration has caused on the border, there is evidence it also may be failing at its ultimate goal of owning the Hispanic voting bloc and cementing power for generations. A recent poll found that Biden’s support among Hispanic voters is cratering in Texas. It turns out they don’t want to live in an overcrowded country rife with poverty and lawlessness, either.

If there is one truly existential issue for America in 2021 and beyond, it is immigration. Americans need to take a side and fight for it, or else stop complaining as the country they once knew and loved slips away.

– – –

Brian Lonergan is an adjunct fellow of the Center for American Greatness and director of communications at the Immigration Reform Law Institute, a public interest law firm working to defend the rights and interests of the American people from the negative effects of mass migration.





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4 Thoughts to “Commentary: National Sabotage by Immigration”

  1. Etothe4th

    At this point in history the damage done is already overwhelming. The only true hope of a future America lies with those who trend to the left and have voted as such in the past. Yes, they have brought this upon our shores but they are also all that is left that can stop it. The conservative, liberty minded patriot has had their influence diluted to a degree that, without violence, overcoming the accelerating slide toward anarcho/socialist rule is impossible when resting on our shoulders alone. Unless the left has an epiphany and has their eyes opened to the destruction coming, and the disparate impact it will have on their children, in a great enough number to change political outcomes, there will be no voting our way to a better America. Sadly, I don’t see this happening in great enough numbers to overcome vote rigging and fraud. Violence, as mentioned above, will be the only option and even then provides no guarantees of a return to our long-standing Republic. 99 times out of 100, a “civil war” results in a system worse than what was revolted against. The American experiment was a truly beautiful thing but Franklins oft attributed quote of “giving you a republic…if you can keep it” stands as an ominous warning ignored.

  2. CCW

    No one who objectively surveys this southern border situation over the past few years can hardly be surprised with this report.

    On Fox News today, Governor Abbott (TX) said Mayorkas and even Biden cannot even pretend to be guarding the safety and sovereignty of our southern border states.

    When it comes to Mayorkas / Biden vs. Abbott / DeSantis, I know who I am going to choose. How about you?

  3. Steve Allen

    There is no doubt that the immigration crisis is being intentionally managed by the democrats and their globalist handlers to destroy America. Look at what has happened in Europe. Is it any wonder that so many women are purchasing firearms? Just think where Constitution and freedom loving Americans would be without the Second Amendment. All you have to do is look at what is happening in Australia to see what America would be like without the right to own firearms.

    The racial violence taking place in American cities, which is promoted and condoned by the left, has gotten to the point that if I saw a male (non-white) person age 15 to 50 walking my way, I would cross the street to avoid them. NOT because I am a racist, but because I no longer feel safe from attack because I am a senior aged white person. As the saying goes, the best gunfight is the one you don’t have to get into.

    While not every illegal immigrant or Afghan refuge is a criminal, Just look at the sex and age of the majority of these people that the Biden administration is letting loose in America. Males 18 to 30. How many of them will actually learn English, and become gainfully employed? This same demographic is responsible for the sexual violence against women and children that has taken place in Europe
    The total ineptness of the Biden administration is pathetic. When Donald Trump was president the border was under control, the American economy was booming and record numbers of Americans of ALL RACES were experiencing the economic prosperity brought forth by being employed. Now look at what Mr. Magoo and the socialists have turned America into. Hey democrats, F**K YOU AND Joe Biden!

  4. Some Dude

    I’m done.

    The corruption of this Democrat Party will lead to a massive stock market crash. It is in motion, inevitable, and globally ensured due to the current shipping/transportation/delivery systems disaster, currently underway.

    I have zero confidence, in this government. And the VIX is equally scary. In fact, I am cashing out a noticeable percentage of my portfolio, while the market is high, paying the taxes, and transferring it offshore, for protection from government seizure, due to politics, as well as earning higher interest rates (~7%), to offset inflation, a tad. At least… “for now”. I will even pay my taxes on said profits.

    — I will need that cash to buy all the under-priced high-value, after the coming stock market & real estate crashes occur, and people need money. I will buy their assets, at “great” discounts! (~40% to 50% off anything!) Woot!

    Best part is… the corruption of the Democrat Party has led to an 82% increase in my net worth, since March 2020. That’s almost 4m. That rules for thee thing, is real. The wealthy DO profit, from government corruption. I am not actually happy with this, due to the ultimate pain and suffering so many others will encounter. I would prefer less, if all could have more. – I would happily”$uffer” with a “mere” 40% gain in 1.5 years, LOL! versus that 82%. LOL!

    But more Freedom (for ALL, not just one party), is what the people need. Not a corrupt FBI and even our Military system, now. Just look at General Milley. OMG, what a douche. Oh, well, we can “play nice” and vote for change, while they riot and destroy everything, and take/give it ALL away.

    Alas, what are we to do, against such a corrupt government, corrupt financial, and corrupt (social/new) media systems?

    For now, I am positioned to ride this wave of ma$$ively profitable corruption within the Democrat Party all the way… to eight figures! So, woot, for me {sigh}. ~ And, now, the corruption of the Democrat Party government can’t touch, at least, 25%.

    PS: American banks/corporations can’t profit from that chunk, any longer, either. So, that is on THEM, for screwing with private accounts, over politics! Get woke, go broke.

    PPS: Take advantage of this corruption and massive government debt/spending plans, as best you can. Protect your 401ks. Examine the new ROTH/IRA changes. Good luck to you, all. God help us all.