St. Cloud Allergy Doctor Refusing to See Unvaccinated Patients, Screenshots Allege


A St. Cloud allergy and asthma doctor is allegedly refusing to see unvaccinated patients, screenshots appear to show. Messages between a patient and the doctor’s Facebook page, posted by State Representative Erik Mortenson (R-District 55A), show that the doctor is fearful of those not vaccinated against COVID.

The doctor, Dr. Mohamed Yassin, treats patients with allergies and helps them to overcome food intolerances. Not only is the doctor requiring patients to be vaccinated, he is also requiring that anyone who comes to his office with his patients also be vaccinated.

The messages are from a mother of a four year old who had been a patient of Yassin. The mother asked if it was true that Yassin is refusing to see unvaccinated patients or patients whose parents are unvaccinated, since many of his clients are younger children.

The person who monitors the Facebook page responded saying it was true.

“At this time it is true for new patients and most returns. We are referring people to Centracare for the time being,” the message read.

The staff member shared with the parent that Yassin is “extremely scared for his health and for the health of our severely immune deficient patients.” Also, the staff member explained the doctor’s fears were the reason for the requirements and the doctor hopes things can “get back to normal soon.”

The parent responded, “What about the kids who are too young to be vaccinated?” She went on to say that Dr. Yassin is “treating my daughter, not her parents, it is none of his business or concern what we do as her parents.”

The parent also took issue with his absolute refusal to see the unvaccinated patients and their families, saying “What about other options! He just goes straight to refusing to see them. Now what?”

The staff member responded saying that the woman’s daughter “can still be seen if you have anyone vaccinated who can bring her.”

The staff person went on to say that the only other option was being referred to a different allergist.

The mother was also concerned about her daughter’s prescriptions being refilled. The staff member said its office instructed the primary caregiver to continue to refill her prescriptions “until hopefully his fears pass.”

The staff member was unable to answer as to what Yassin’s fears were.

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