Tennessee State Senator Katrina Robinson Acquitted on 15 of 20 Federal Theft Charges

Katrina Robinson


Tennessee State Senator Katrina Robinson (D-Memphis) was acquitted on Monday on 15 possible fraud and embezzlement charges.

Robinson’s charges stemmed from an investigation into the Memphis-based Healthcare Institute (THI), which the state lawmaker directs.

Prosecutors argued that Robinson had stolen approximately $600,000 in federal grant money, meant to help students who attend the institution.

“Payments and purchases included a vehicle for her daughter; clothing, accessories, and hair and beauty products; expenses related to her wedding and honeymoon, and later, legal fees for her divorce; payments on her personal debts, including credit cards, store charge cards, student loans, and other personal loans; travel and entertainment for herself and her family; improvements to her personal residence; expenses related to a body aesthetics business she owned and a snow cone business operated by her children; and an event for her State Senate campaign,” prosecutors alleged.

Additionally, federal attorneys claimed that Robinson paid herself $169,134 more than she was allowed under salary amounts permitted by the federal grant.

However, Robinson and her attorney are arguing that Robinson should be able to spend the profits of her institute like the CEO of another business without any consequence on the spending.

If convicted on all counts, Robinson could have faced up to 20 years in federal prison, 3 years supervised release, and a $250,000 fine.

Robinson’s legal concerns have carried on for more than a year. Investigators publicly launched the probe when FBI agents carried out search warrants at the for-profit nursing school.

Robinson’s trial for the remaining 5 charges is expected to continue.

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Photo “Katrina Robinson” by Senator Katrina Robinson.



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6 Thoughts to “Tennessee State Senator Katrina Robinson Acquitted on 15 of 20 Federal Theft Charges”

  1. […] the Memphis resident was charged with 20 different violations; however, she was acquitted of 15 charges earlier in the […]

  2. rick

    Especially Democrats, but Republicans also have figured out just get those easy government jobs and dip into all of the government cash programs with the taxpayers funding everything its easy money, just like the Big Guy, Joe Biden with his cut off the top. There is another set of laws especially for for Democrats, but both parties have their players because its to easy to dip into the cash. These politicians get rich and the rest of us work to fund their lifestyle.

  3. Ms Independent

    I’ll solve the puzzle Pat…

  4. rick

    I am surprised they did not give her more Federal money and they may before its over. What a fine citizen she is and a creative money manager with the help of fine legal counsel. Living really well off the government in the present climate is no problem.

    1. C.T. Stubbs

      These should have been easy charges for the FBI to convict on. A first yr.
      Law student could have gotten a conviction, dropped charges are a joke!

  5. This Democrat Representative represents what is, OBVIOUSLY, already happening within Tennessee!

    Corruption. It’s everywhere, especially in Democrat controlled cities. Or at least, so say ALL the differentials between the two parties, in court documents, for crime, over the last 10 years!

    Realize, Joe Biden only needed to win 17% of The USA’s 3,141 counties, to “win”, and gain all his 80 million votes. ONLY winning the staunch Democrat Party controlled states, and then the most populous counties within contested large Democrat cities within mostly Republican states, like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, & Arizona, etc.

    The Democrat Party only needs to control THE most populous counties in any given state (ONLY the ones with the biggest cities, most Democrat controlled. by now), to control the state’s legislature, and therefore… the COMPLETE state’s direction, Including Electoral Votes, and rezoning. Just… the biggest cities. That’s all.

    Especially vulnerable, are states like Tennessee, where the big cities are ALREADY under Democrat Party control. As plainly as this Memphis, Tennessee Democrat State Senator, Katrina Robinson, proves, beyond doubt.

    These areas of massive populations, are where the DEMOCRATS are focusing their sociopolitical push of non-educational thoughts into children’s minds, via the school system, to control their future choices, THROUGH the socialist Dem Party controlled Department of Education and the very schools OUR TAXES PAY FOR! Exactly as we see here with THIS story, all from some corrupt Democrat-Controlled Memphis Orifice.

    The Democratization of the states is happening, even more quickly, in states like Tennessee. The counties of, and surrounding, Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, and, now, Knoxville are CURRENTLY under Democrat Party control; therefore control of their votes, schools, local governmental directions and sentiments, and, soon, our future voting procedures; the SAME “procedures” that “elected” Joe “The DEM’s $3.5 trillion plan costs ZERO!” Biden and Hyena Harris.

    Soon, perhaps while advancing in these already Democrat owned areas or by simply adding the Johnson City/Tri-Cities area, the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party will have all the filthy, over-taxed, crime-ridden, foreigner filled, Democrat Party controlled cities they need, to reach their “magical” 17% level for permanent control.

    And POOF… Tennessee FLIPS from R, to D. In a day. Gone will be our Castle Laws. Gone will be 2A sanctuary laws, gone will be the recent concealed carry law, gone will be anything resembling The USA.

    All in a day.

    Tennessee will turn Democrat Controlled, probably within 7-10 years, and go the fugly, family-destructive, godless, violent-crime infested, self-destructive way of New York City, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Portland, Washington DC, Chicago, etc. As Knoxville and Nashville’s record-setting violent crime-rates already prove.

    Realize, again, Democrats only needed to control 17% of America’s counties (ONLY the MOST populous), to elect, Joe Biden.

    Take action, Speak out. More fathers and mothers need to get involved in their children’s educations, with regard to school meetings, reading their child’s curriculum, looking at their homework assignments, etc. DO NOT accept things like CRT, and watch OUR state!

    Tennessee is under attack, by the Democrat Party, to control the Presidential Elections and control all our paths. — And it is, absolutely, the wrong path.

    — You have been warned.

    PS: Listen to, Tom MacDonald’s song, “Brainwashed”. If only for the lyrics.
    PPS: Legalize Freedom, and… keep your powder dry.