Senator Marsha Blackburn Slams General Milley for Leaked Information, Calls for Resignation


Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on Tuesday slammed General Mark Milley for his actions recently, arguing Milley has “misplaced priorities.”

Blackburn argued that Milley and other military leaders should resign due to their decisions, relating to the removal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

Specifically, Blackburn questioned Milley’s efforts to share information with multiple authors who have written potentially damaging details.

“As a member of this committee, and as someone who represents a lot of our men and women in uniform, as we’ve referenced today, I’ve really got an issue with the fact that you will talk to authors, but then you all come in here and you say, ‘well, we can’t tell you what we told the President,’” Blackburn detailed. “You’ve repeatedly told this committee that you will not reveal your private conversations with President Biden, but then you’ve leaked this information from your meetings with President Trump. So, it is important to us that you truthfully respond to us on this.”

The Tennessee lawmaker called efforts by Milley “disappointing to people that have served with you or under your command.”

Toward the end of her remarks, Blackburn called for the resignation of General Milley in addition to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and General Kenneth McKenzie.

“Maybe we’re going to remember you three as the three that broke the military, but this is causing just a lot of anger from people who have trusted the military,” explained Blackburn of their actions in Afghanistan. “Nobody has submitted their resignation, and we’ve got thousands of people watching this hearing today that are looking at you all and saying, ‘I can’t believe they’re sitting there and not answering the questions and are trying to punt.’”

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Photo “General Mark Milley” by Marsha Blackburn. 




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2 Thoughts to “Senator Marsha Blackburn Slams General Milley for Leaked Information, Calls for Resignation”

  1. Betty Lynn Duley

    Tennessee can be proud of Sen. Blackburn’s recent examples of “speaking truth to power.” About two days ago, she practically roasted Pelosi and others “across the aisle.” Here we see her literally calling Gen. Milley to hear what others think of him and she doesn’t cut any slack.

  2. John

    Blah blah blah this is nothing but political theater. How many times have we seen something like this suet nothing come of it? All of these theatrics and grandstanding and nobody ever gets prosecuted. I’m sick of it. It is time people are held accountable for their actions.

    Stick a fork in Empty Suit Blackburn because she’s done next election.