Smith & Wesson Headquarters Coming to Tennessee


Firearms manufacturer Smith & Wesson announced Thursday that it was moving its headquarters and significant elements of its operations from Springfield, Massachusetts to Maryville, Tennessee in 2023, creating 750 new jobs in Blount County. The move to Tennessee is an investment worth more than $125 million.

The new facility will consist of the company’s headquarters, plastic injection molding, pistol and long gun assembly, and distribution.

Smith & Wesson has been based in Springfield, Massachusetts since the company was incorporated in 1852.

In a statement, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee said, “Our pro-business reputation, skilled workforce, and commitment to the Second Amendment make Tennessee an ideal location for firearms manufacturing. We welcome Smith & Wesson to The Volunteer State and are proud this U.S.-based brand has chosen to relocate from Massachusetts. Thanks for your significant investment in Blount County and for creating 750 new jobs.”

Tennessee Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) applauded the company’s move, writing on Twitter, “Another successful company moving its operations to the great state of Tennessee! @Smith_WessonInc’s relocation further corroborates our state’s pro-business, pro-worker climate. Looking forward to seeing the transformative impact this investment has on Maryville and beyond.”

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) also cheered the move, writing on Twitter, “Welcome to Tennessee, @Smith_WessonInc! We appreciate your significant investment in Maryville and look forward to partnering with you to expand our state’s economic development and exceptionally skilled workforce.”

Back in March, another firearms manufacturer, Troy Industries, Inc., which makes small arms components and accessories, announced that it is also relocating its headquarters to The Volunteer State. The project is an investment worth $7.2 million and is expected to create 75 jobs over the next five years in Clarksville. Like Smith & Wesson, Troy Industries, Inc. was originally based out of West Springfield, Massachusetts.

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Smith & Wesson Inc. Headquarters” by Smith & Wesson Inc.





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6 Thoughts to “Smith & Wesson Headquarters Coming to Tennessee”

  1. 83ragtop50

    I am all for them moving here. But the underlying question is what tax “incentives” were promised.

    1. Ron W

      There already is a tax incentive; NO State income tax. That and the right and freedom to keep AND CARRY their products should be sufficient!

      1. 83ragtop50

        Ron – I agree 100% with you. That is why I posed the question about incentives. It appears that the vast majority of large companies moving to Tennessee are given millions in tax breaks and often free enormous infrastructure build outs. I cannot recall if Berretta got such a big wad when they relocated to Gallatin. Do you?

  2. John

    And how much is this going to cost us in tax revenue? No mention of tax breaks/incentives.

    I’m not anti-firearm and in fact, I’m a gun owner myself. I simply want these companies coming here on their own merit and pay their taxes just like the rest of us do. I’m tired of these companies getting 99 year tax breaks (Dell I’m looking at you) while I’m constantly told my taxes are going up because .

  3. Ron W

    “The possession of arms is the distinction between a freeman and a slave.” —James Burgh, British statesman (before England devolved into a disarmed nation)

    So after being in MA since 1852, Smith and Wesson is moving from a slave State to a free State. Congratulations! Welcome!

  4. T

    Fantastic, now this is the businesses we want moving here.