Loudoun County Parents Rally in Opposition to McAuliffe


More than a hundred concerned parents and residents of Loudoun County, Virginia rallied on Saturday to encourage voters to cast a ballot in the state’s upcoming election.

Particularly, the attendees focused their attention on the curriculum in the school system and the recent statements made by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe.

The rally, which was hosted by multiple organizations and held at the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors’ building, urged individuals to examine the stakes in Virginia’s upcoming gubernatorial election.

“The Virginia election is going to be the first election where politicians are held to account over what we’re seeing, not just here, but across the country,” said Brian Burch, president of CatholicVote.org, which co-hosted the event.

In a recent debate with GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin, McAuliffe spoke out against the involvement of parents in the school system, specifically in deciding what children learn.

“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach,” McAuliffe said last week in the final debate against Youngkin.

Even though the message created widespread backlash, McAuliffe repeated his claims in an additional interview.

“Listen, we have a Board of [Education] working with local school boards to determine the curriculum for our schools. You don’t want parents coming in every different school jurisdiction saying this is what should be taught here, this is what should be taught here,” Mr. McAuliffe told CBS 19 of Charlottesville.

The comment sparked concern and outrage among many parents and those who chose to attend the Saturday rally.

“America is watching Loudoun County,” said former Virginia attorney general and Trump administration official Ken Cuccinelli. “All of America and been inspired by parents stepping forward to annoy Terry McAuliffe by actually trying to have a say in their children’s education.”

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Photo “Loudoun Schools” by Loudoun County Schools.




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