Gov Lee Not Scheduled to Attend GOP Governors’ Press Conference on Border Crisis

Gov. Bill Lee


A group of Republican governors announced on Sunday that they will travel to Mission, Texas on Wednesday to hold a press conference on the ongoing border crisis.

However, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee will not attend the press conference at the U.S. Southern border, which will seemingly highlight the large increase in illegal immigration.

According to an emailed press release from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, ten other state leaders will travel to the event with the goal of bringing attention to the border crisis. Lee’s name did not appear on the list.

While Lee will not be in attendance for the conference, he previously signed on to a letter that demanded a visit with President Joe Biden to address the crisis.

“While governors are doing what we can, our Constitution requires that the President must faithfully execute the immigration laws passed by Congress. Not only has the federal government created a crisis, it has left our states to deal with challenges that only the federal government has a duty to solve,” the group wrote in their letter to Biden.

“Due to the emergent crisis, we respectfully request a meeting as soon as your schedule allows within 15 days.”

However, the White House appears to be ignoring the governors’ plea.

While Tennessee does not directly border the U.S.-Mexico boundary, the state has been affected by the large increase in illegal immigration.

The Biden administration has relocated thousands of migrants from the border to locations throughout the United States.

Earlier this year, multiple airplanes carrying unaccompanied migrant children from the southern border landed late at night on multiple days at Chattanooga’s Wilson Air Center.

Upon arriving in Chattanooga, dozens of migrant children boarded multiple buses to be transported to various locations.

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Cooper Moran is a reporter for the Star News Network. Follow Cooper on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected]


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11 Thoughts to “Gov Lee Not Scheduled to Attend GOP Governors’ Press Conference on Border Crisis”

  1. I think the “Ride The Fence” like luke-warm water poltics and get some of the the Marxist Democrat Votes (there are few if any pro American Democrat Voters now) shows lack of conviction, fealty and fidelity to Tennesseans and all Americans and our Republic “money and power are first priorities, is reprehensible at the least. We didn’t vote for this. If we had known this lack of conviction for very principles and fabric of what our Founders enumerated as our America,…. and the politics of politic in self service, compromise for power and money Tennesseans would not have elected him. We want God Family and Country and that is what e thought we were voting for.

  2. Why n the world would Governor Lee want to have meeting with a mentally challenged Man and talking head of Democrat Conspiracy to overthrow the Nation, and who was placed in the White house by a stolen election?
    “Compromise” away America, is this the label for Bill lee

  3. E Duncan

    Governor Lee may very well have a good reason for not attending. I didn’t read anything in this report that said why. I prefer to know the truth before I make a judgement. He’s already signed the group letter regarding the illegals, so we know his position.

  4. Kitty Lenoir

    Go get ’em Gov. Lee with signing that letter!!! What commitment!……/sarc

  5. RobertG

    A direct quote from Lee’s campaign ad.

    “I’m a conservative.”

    People have short memories. Remember this during the next primary.

  6. 83ragtop50

    Lee is a lover of illegals and “refugees”. He does not care a whit about how his actions, and in this inactions, affect established Tennesseans. The guy is a wimp and a RINO to boot. HIs election just proves that money and connections buy the Tennessee governorship. Of course we already knew that based on recent past governors.

    Will a real conservative get into the race to replace him? I surely hope so.

  7. Boot Strap

    Lee is a Trojan Horse! He is not representing the people of Tennessee.

  8. The good governor must be too busy shopping at Rooms To Go, purchasing bedroom sets for all the refugees he’s welcoming to TN. Very time-consuming.

  9. LB

    It appears our Governor Lee is playing it safe, he doesn’t want to rock his political boat campaign. His Rhino handlers must fear he’ll lose votes. All very sad, we all had great hopes Bill Lee would be a strong conservative leader like the Governor of FL.

  10. Jpastaman

    He should show up and answer some questions…… considering there are Haitian families walking through Costco loading up carts with aid workers paying for their groceries with Aid funds….. might be nice to get an update from the Gov….

  11. Elena Del Campillo

    Well Gov. Lee is just a heavy case of RINO. The great state of Tennessee must demand better from their governor.