More Than 500,000 Adverse Side Effects Reported Following COVID Vaccines


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4 Thoughts to “More Than 500,000 Adverse Side Effects Reported Following COVID Vaccines”

  1. Sim

    Since when does State or Federal Government have the authority to force people to participate in a test of an “Experimental Drug” of which the end results are “Unknown”???

    My family and I “WILL NOT” be “LAB RATS” for the State/Federal or Drug companies.

    Any force will be met with force.

  2. Betty Lynn Duley

    This article should concern anyone who seems determined to push these shots on everyone young to old. I hope we can return to a reasonable discussion. Previous new drugs would have been pulled until further research could be conducted.

  3. LM

    I will not be forced to get it.

  4. Ron W

    The “vaccine” makers have legal
    Immunity. Why is that? Then those mandating them
    on others should be held personally and legally responsible for “vaccine” injuries and deaths.

    It wasn’t so long ago that it was declared “healthcare is a right”. I agree. It would be included under the 9th Amendment as a non-enumerated right of the People. And a right cannot be violated or mandated on one’s person since we also have a 4th Amendment right to “ be secure in our PERSON”!