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3 Thoughts to “COVID Case Numbers Surge in New England, Despite Region Having Highest Vaccinate Rate in U.S.”

  1. 83ragtop50

    I guess this goes to prove my point that know-it-all northerners are not as smart as us southern rednecks who choose not to take the jab.

  2. Traditional Thinker

    Make no mistake LM, the vaccines are working. They’re controlling the population just like they were meant to do by killing an allotted number of people. However, not all shots contain the covid vaccine, merely saline. That’s why there’s such a push to have everyone vaccinated. Its the only way to bring about the statistical outcome they want to achieve. Well, that along with seeing how many sheep there are in this world.

  3. LM

    The COVID shot pushers can take their lies and go straight to hell. They just keep lying over and over , hoping they can make half of the country believe a lie. They are wrecking the healthcare system because of all of the healthcare workers who are leaving because of shot mandates. The shots do not work. That is why SO MANY PEOPLE WHO HAVE HAD COVID SHOTS ARE DYING OF COVID.