Major League Baseball Embraces China, Even as It Mistreats Georgia, Columnist Says


Major League Baseball (MLB) is, according to one Washington Examiner commentator, “chasing after the Chinese market while pretending that places such as Atlanta are the locus of evil in the modern world.”

Commentary Fellow Zachary Faria said in the publication this week that the MLB “is taking a page out of the NBA’s book when it comes to social justice politics.”

Faria cited U.S. Representative Jim Hagedorn (R-MN-01) who introduced a resolution to disapprove of the MLB’s decision to relocate manufacturing jobs to China.

But, Faria said, “the move is paying off for MLB.

“Chinese state media boasted that the league is building a ‘baseball ecosystem’ in the country. That ‘ecosystem’ includes more than 100 Chinese baseball teams in 20 cities. There has been an MLB Development Center in China for nearly  a decade. MLB, like the NBA, has heavily invested in China,” Faria wrote.

“And MLB, like the NBA, has shrugged off China’s human rights abuses while weighing in on American politics. The league actually went even further than the NBA has in the political sphere, pulling its All-Star weekend festivities from Atlanta after taking the Democratic Party’s lies about Georgia’s voting law at face value. Requiring voter ID for mail-in ballots is unacceptable, according to MLB leadership. But an authoritarian country that doesn’t hold legitimate elections and just abolished Hong Kong’s democracy? That’s a business opportunity!”

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in April that her organization would hold U.S. President Joe Biden and other Democrats accountable for putting out false narratives about Georgia’s voter integrity law.

McDaniel said Democrats’ distortions cost Georgia millions of dollars when MLB pulled events out of the state.

Georgia’s new voter integrity law requires voter ID on all absentee ballots, increases oversight of local election boards that fail to follow state election law, and secures drop boxes around the clock. MLB officials announced earlier this year that they would relocate the 2021 All-Star Game and MLB Draft, originally scheduled for Atlanta, to another location. MLB officials specifically cited Georgia’s voter integrity law, also known as Senate Bill 202 as the reason.

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2 Thoughts to “Major League Baseball Embraces China, Even as It Mistreats Georgia, Columnist Says”

  1. Tim Price

    Another good reason for me to boycott another professional sport. We have no professional sport that support the American agenda.

    Actually, I watch no professional sports and very little college sports.

    It is all a waste of my time and my money as these people have all turned their backs on
    the United States.

    Very sad but very typical of today’s America!

    1. 83ragtop50

      Tim, I am with you. Besides the pro leagues lost their glamor years ago. In general just an overpaid and over pampered bunch of jocks. I must add that I participated in amateur sports until the age of 45. So I am not a anti-sports person.