Williamson County to Limit Speakers at School Board Meetings, Require Proof of Residence


The Williamson County School Board announced on Friday it will limit the number of speakers allowed to address the members and require proof of residence in order to speak.

Additionally, potential speakers must email the school board in advance to secure a position, detailing first/last name, complete address, topic of comment, organization represented, and a copy of a Tennessee state ID.

In total, only 30 individuals will be allowed to make remarks during the 30-minute public comment portion of the meeting.

“This new process will give working families unable to camp out before a school board meeting the chance to also participate and make their voices heard,” claimed Williamson County School Board Member Eric Welch.

The decision from the school board follows multiple contentious meetings, where parents expressed concern over the county imposing a mask mandate.

Earlier this year, hundreds of parents and students attended a meeting and voiced their displeasure over the mandate.

“We teach our kids that facts matter. That is why they go to school. The facts are these. Masks don’t work. There isn’t a single scientific data that has ever proven that masks work. Also, let’s talk about risk analysis. I feel bad for all of these people walking around in masks and engaging in cosmetic theater thinking that they are making a difference against COVID. They aren’t,” Clay Travis, of Outkick the Coverage and also The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Showsaid.

Following the meeting, President Joe Biden demonized the citizens for voicing their concerns.

In his remarks, Biden claimed that the parents and students who were against the additional measures were making the issue a “political dispute.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced on Monday that the Department of Justice and the FBI are launching an effort to address the alleged increase in “threats” made against school officials.

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12 Thoughts to “Williamson County to Limit Speakers at School Board Meetings, Require Proof of Residence”

  1. […] response to parent outrage, the Williamson County Board took action to limit parent comments at public meetings — similar to  Loudoun County, Virginia — barring […]

  2. Tony

    Just sitting back laughing on the border of Williamson County in a great home that cost half of the equivalent in Williamson. Nothing but admiration towards conservative parents raising their children right but damn not having kids these days is true wealth. Low anxiety, money in the bank, and now Not on the FBI lists for trying to raise em properly. Keep fighting parents the very future depends on it & I will still join you on the battlefield regardless.

  3. Rick

    These idiots get on the school board and they think they are really important. A lot not all but, a lot of the people that live in the wealthiest county are arrogant anyway and they think
    they are above everyone else, as far as I am concerned to hell with them all if they want this to go on it’s their problem

  4. JB Taylor

    So what branch of the Biden Democrat Communist Gestapo is the Williamson County School Board Part of? This is why they are afraid of the people and went crying to the US DOJ for protection. They are doing illegal or immoral things that they need to be punished for and they know it.

  5. Cannoneer2

    How about actually having a kid in the school system as well?

    1. 83ragtop50

      Cannoneer – Wrong. Everyone in the district is a stakeholder if for no other reason that they are forced to pay taxes to pay for an overpriced school system.

  6. Byrd

    Williamson County school board members are trying to make it as difficult as possible for parents to voice their concerns. These new requirements are total BS. Time replace all of them.

  7. Kevin

    It’s good to see that Authoritarianism/Communism is alive and well in the wealthiest county in the State of Tennessee. But isn’t this move racist? How can they force citizens to provide proof of residence, when they also claim that ID’s, as required to vote, are racist? Oh, that’s right Mister Producer, the people always requiring ID’s are Republicans, the same ones here restricting who or how many can talk. NICE! Something tells me that One Party rule is here!

    One way to fix their wagon, pull your kids out of the public indoctrination academy!

  8. Maggietwin

    These a$$holes work for “we the people” not “we the government”. Replace them all when the come up for re-election.

  9. eandy

    So now WCS is limiting and controlling free speech from it’s citizens.
    time to fight back.

  10. David Blackwell RN, BSN, CCM

    A politburo or political bureau is the executive committee for communist parties. It is present in most former and existing communist states.

  11. rick

    All of the time and money the Williamson Chamber of Commerce and County Government have spent promoting what a great school system the have to attract new residence to the county the last two administration of the school system have destroyed. Williamson is a bigger joke than Metro whom most do not expect much from anyway, especially with Commie Cooper as Mayor. Williamson county schools are no longer regarded as location to receive a superior education, only as a school system operated by a terrible school board that is a political mess. Sad for residence and students. The residence may really get motivated to do something when it all starts to effect property value!