Commentary: McAuliffe’s War on Parents

by John Fredericks


Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe thought his run at a second non-consecutive term for Virginia’s executive mansion would be a cake-walk. It would no doubt set him up for a serious run for president in 2024 or 2028. And why not? Virginia Democrats have won 14 statewide races in a row dating back to 2012 by ever increasing margins. VA DEMS won a House of Delegates majority in 2019, just three years after Republicans commanded a super-majority. They also captured the state senate in 2019.

Republicans nominated an unknown business executive with no political experience, Glenn Youngkin for governor after a very contentious caucus selection process. McAuliffe meanwhile eviscerated several up and coming African-American candidates in a blow-out primary win.

With all the money he could ever spend in a blue state that now rivals California, what could go wrong?

He alienated the only voting bloc no candidate can afford to lose: parents.

Then he doubled down. Hubris is now sinking his campaign.

Even the Democrat-laden talking point phony polls have the race tightening to a virtual dead heat with three weeks to go. Youngkin is surging, and he is now poised to win this race. Worse for the Dems in Virginia, polls are now favoring Jason Miyares and Winsome Sears, running for Attorney General and Lt. Governor respectively.

The trifecta? Virginia Republicans need to capture six House of Delegates seats to wrest control of the lower chamber, and I have them gaining at least five seats today, with another three that are coin-flips.

November 2 is heading toward a Democratic disaster, with national implications that could tank the Biden Leftist agenda. If you are a House Democrat in a swing district, are you going to risk getting blown-out of your seat to vote for spending that you think is nuts, anyway? Pelosi only has a four seat majority as it is. Her caucus hangs by a thread.

President Biden has gone underwater in Virginia, especially with Independents. This isn’t helping McAuliffe, and early voting numbers in Virginia’s Democrat strong-holds are running significantly under what they were in 2017-2020, emphasizing the enormous enthusiasm gap he faces.

So what happened?

Terry’s War on Virginia Parents

Terry McAuliffe said he really doesn’t like parents. They are meddlers.

First, he called parents concerned about divisive critical race theory (CRT) conspiracy theorists.

Then, he insisted parents should not have any say about their kids’ education.

Finally, he called parents concerned about CRT “racist.” But when asked why, he couldn’t answer, and when asked to define CRT, he refused.

Yikes, now you got the ire of the mama-bears!

I’ve been going to youth travel baseball games around Virginia and the country with my son Joe, a LHP now committed to West Virginia, for the better part of eight years. Here’s one thing I learned through it all: don’t piss off the moms. Once you lose the mothers on a travel team, you are toast.

Politics is no different.

How did McAuliffe get himself here?

He’s gone from what I coined “Terry McGenius” in his 2013-2017 years, where he deftly navigated his way through GOP majorities in the general assembly and focused like a laser beam on jobs, to what is now “Terry McWoke,” where he’s a tool of Iowa caucuses voters he needs in January 2024 when he runs for president.

The once affable and gregarious former governor got caught up in the larger Democrat agenda to force far-left indoctrination into schools and weaken the power of parents.

He also mis-read the California recall results. Virginia is still a purple state.

McAuliffe and his new lefty buddies hate parents.

Come November, parents will show McAuliffe the feeling is mutual.

– – –

John Fredericks is the publisher and editor-in-chief of The Virginia Star. He is also the host of The John Fredericks Show weekdays on NewsTalk WJFN 100.5 FM and 820 AM.
Photo “Terry Mcauliffe” by Joint Base Langley-Eustis.


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