Georgia U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter Warns Middle Class That Inflation About to Intensify


U.S. Representative Buddy Carter (R-GA-01) said late last week that, because of the U.S. Senate’s debt limit increase deal, inflation is about to worsen and deliver even more hardships to middle- and low-income Americans.

Carter made his remarks when he appeared on Newsmax.

“Ever since they have been in control the Democrats have embarked on a spending spree. There is no question about it. It’s been a massive uninhibited spending spree. Let’s talk about what they have done. Back in March they passed, without any Republican votes, $1.9 trillion in COVID relief funds, even though we had $1 trillion left at the time,” Carter told Newsmax host Steve Cortes.

“And just recently they passed through a budget resolution of $3.5 trillion. It will really cost us $5 trillion without a single Republican vote. They did all of this spending without a single Republican vote, and they can raise the debt ceiling without a single Republican vote.”

Cortes said it was “an absolute capitulation and absolute cave of these feckless Republican senators who are conservatives-in- name-only.”

Carter said that U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and 10 other Republican U.S. senators gave Democrats “a lifeline” and added $480 billion to the national debt — and now they want to add even more.

“It is going to get worse. And what is inflation? Inflation is nothing more than a tax. It’s a tax on everyone. The middle class. The lower class. And everyone pays it,” Carter told Cortes.

“Inflation is something that impacts everyone, and, yes, this is going to result in more inflation. There is no question about it. We have to stop this spending. We have got to quit printing money in Washington, D.C. We have got to cut up the credit cards. We have got to quit saddling future generations with debt. And we have to quit increasing taxes.”

Carter announced last month that he will not run for the U.S. Senate to replace incumbent U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA). The congressman said he will instead support Herschel Walker, a Republican, to run against and then replace Warnock.

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