Wisconsin Rep. Steil Says He Is Voting ‘No’ On Raising Debt Ceiling

Bryan Steil


Wisconsin Rep. Bryan Steil (R-WI-01) said in an interview with Newsmax that he will be voting ‘no’ on raising the debt ceiling. Steil said, “We have to stand firm against Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer’s attempts to spend us into oblivion. I’ll be voting no on this debt ceiling increase.”

Steil said in the interview that raising the debt ceiling is the “wrong approach.”

“What we need to do is get control of the out of control spending in Washington D.C. We have to stand firm against Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer’s attempts to spend us into oblivion,” Steil added.

The congressman said he believes that the spending in Washington D.C. is “causing tons of pain for American families that are seeing rising costs day in and day out.” Steil went on to call out the Democrats for “driving America off a spending cliff,” saying that it is “very clear” that the progressive Democrats are the ones pushing the radical agenda.

He said, “The moderates, if there is such a thing in the Democratic Party these days, are nothing more than riding along in the passenger seat as the progressives try to drive us off the cliff.”

Steil shared that he is “very concerned” about where “the progressives and Nancy Pelosi are taking us.”

He said he believes that “kicking the can down the road, as the Senate did” is wrong. He wants to see the Republicans “put their foot down and actually force these Democrats to either take total ownership of what they’re doing to this economy, or two, get them to turn around and stop this spending.”

Steil said he does not understand Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) strategy, referencing the Senate vote to extend the debt ceiling through December. Steil said that when the bill comes to the House, he does not think that there will be “any Republican votes when it comes to raising the debt ceiling at all.”

Steil blamed inflation rates on gas prices, food, and other necessities on the “runaway spending in Washington D.C.” Steil in the interview said he also believes that the recent jobs report was also impacted by “runaway spending.”

“I’d like to see the Republicans in the House stand firm and say no to this rise in the debt ceiling and in particular, because we need to hold Democrats accountable for what they’re doing to the U.S. economy,” Steil said.

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