Wisconsin Democrat Attorney General Says That ‘Fake Election Investigation’ Needs to Be Shut Down


Wisconsin’s Democrat Attorney General Josh Kaul said the “fake election investigation” needs to be shut down. Kaul called the investigation by the Office of Special Counsel and former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman a “partisan political effort” that lacks any credibility.

As reported by The Wisconsin Daily Star, Gableman said, “The purpose of the investigation is to determine what was supposed to happen in our elections and what did happen, to see what went well, as well as to see what might’ve gone badly.”

Gableman continued, “If things did go wrong, we will submit recommendations for how problems should be addressed so that voters can have complete confidence in all of our elections going forward. This investigation will be guided by a search for the truth and not by political priorities and political timetables.”

Kaul, however, appears to disagree. In a news conference on Monday, Kaul stated, “This investigation suffers from glaring flaws that destroy any credibility its results could have had. Shut this fake investigation down.”

Kaul is the head of Wisconsin’s elections commission who received a subpoena for documents and other election-related information. Kaul said the request “is not a lawful request in our view.”

Kaul believes a court would rule that election officials are not required to testify before the Office of Special Counsel.

As reported by WISN, Wisconsin’s Governor Tony Evers (D) “told local election officials they should be ‘lawyered up’ and called the taxpayer-funded investigation ‘a $700,000 boondoggle.’”

Gableman responded to Evers’ comments last weekend.

“I would like to ask Tony Evers how is it a boondoggle for the people of Wisconsin to find out if their elections were run fairly?” Gableman asked in his most recent video release regarding the election investigation. “What’s the alternative? The alternative is looking the other way.”

Gableman said it is his “sincere hope” that all the subpoenaed individuals will “cooperate fully” with the Wisconsin Office of Special Counsel.

As reported by The Daily Star, five Wisconsin cities and their leadership got subpoenas from Gableman’s office.

“Five Wisconsin mayors will be receiving subpoenas as part of the ongoing election investigation. Head investigator Michael Gableman announced on Tuesday that the mayors of Green Bay, Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, and Madison would be subpoenaed to assist in the audit.”

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