Georgia Rep. Lucy McBath’s Gun Restriction Bill Passes Judiciary Committee


The U.S. House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday passed a bill that Representative Lucy McBath (D-GA-06) filed that, if enacted into law, would deny firearms to individuals under certain circumstances.

McBath said in an emailed press release Wednesday that her bill, H.R. 2377, would allow family members and law enforcement to obtain an extreme risk protection order. That order would temporarily remove access to firearms for people deemed a danger to themselves or others by a federal court.

McBath called her bill the Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act. McBath is the bill’s lead sponsor.

“Nineteen states and the District of Columbia currently have extreme risk protection orders in place, and this legislation would set a national standard to save lives,” according to McBath’s press release.

McBath said these extreme risk laws “help de-escalate emergency situations.”

“They are a proven way to intervene before an incident of gun violence—such as a firearm suicide or mass shooting—occurs and takes more lives,” according to McBath’s press release.

Earlier this month, McBath filed legislation that would, if enacted into law, require that federal officials publish an annual report about school violence, with a heavy emphasis on racial and economic demographics.

This bill also directs the Department of Education to consult with the Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services to produce comprehensive annual reports on school safety indicators. These indicators include shooting and fatality statistics, shooter and victim demographics, shooter motivations, the types of firearms and ammunition acquired and used, and more.

Republican and former state legislator Meagan Hanson in July announced her intentions to unseat McBath in next year’s elections. Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District consists of Atlanta’s northern suburbs, including portions of Cobb, Fulton, and DeKalb counties.

The Sixth Congressional District has proven competitive over the past few election cycles. In 2017, Republican Karen Handel narrowly defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff. In 2018, McBath edged out a victory of Handel to flip the seat to Democratic control. McBath once again defeated Handel in 2020.

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