Commentary: Americans Sour on Biden, But Like Harris Even Less

by Market Research Foundation


Market Research Foundation recently pointed out President Biden’s polling numbers are in jeopardy, but a new poll shows Americans have huge hesitations about Vice President Kamala Harris taking over as well.

As a refresher, President Biden referred to himself as “a bridge” to “a new generation of leaders” in the Democratic party when campaigning with Harris in 2020, and Harris is next in line if anything should prevent Biden from continuing to serve as president. At the time, it appeared Biden was implying Harris would replace him soon.

Unfortunately for Democrats, while Biden’s polling numbers are in serious jeopardy, Americans do not appear at all confident Harris is qualified to lead the country.

The latest YouGov survey shows Americans say Kamala is not qualified to be president if something happens to Biden by a margin of 45% to 37%. Independents are especially wary of Kamala taking over the reins, with Independents saying by a margin of 50% to 31% that Kamala isn’t qualified.

Moderates narrowly say Harris isn’t qualified to be president by a margin of 41% to 39%. Around nine in ten Biden voters, Democrats and liberals unsurprisingly think Harris is qualified to be president, as do almost 60% of Blacks and 44% of Hispanics.

College educated White women say Harris is qualified by a margin of 49% to 42%, but college-educated White men say Harris is not qualified 54% to 38%. Market Research Foundation recently noted President Biden’s falling polling numbers with White men in general, and the fact that Biden is losing support with White men regardless of education level. White men without a college degree say Harris is not qualified to be president by a resounding 59% to 22%, and White women without a degree concur 52% to 27%.

Americans also say 49% to 41% they have an unfavorable view of Harris, and less than a third (32%) say they like Harris. Twenty percent of Americans neither like or dislike Harris, and 36% dislike her.

Americans also say 38% to 28% Harris is too liberal as opposed to just right, while 9% say she isn’t liberal enough. Independents say by an almost two to one margin Harris is too liberal (41% to 22%).

Men say by a margin of 45% to 26% Harris is too liberal and women say so 31% to 30%. Once again, the views of White men, regardless of education, are very close. College educated White men say Harris is too liberal 49% to 33%, and non-college White men concur 50% to 18%. Even college-educated White women, who say Harris is qualified to serve as president, say she is too liberal by a margin of 41% to 32%. Non-college white women agree 36% to 19%.

Americans’ belief that Harris is unqualified to serve as president isn’t particularly surprising, given the fact that even in the Democratic primaries Harris failed to gain the support she needed. Harris was never a particularly popular candidate, and she is perceived by a majority of American as too liberal.

These findings open serious questions about the 2024 presidential election, and Americans’ faith in Harris if Biden is unable to continue his role as president before then.

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One Thought to “Commentary: Americans Sour on Biden, But Like Harris Even Less”

  1. William R. Delzell

    If they are sour on Biden, it is because he has REFUSED to use his executive powers to stand up to the Tea Party Senate Republicans’ obstructionism against the progressive agenda. The people disillusioned with Biden are primarily PROGRESSIVES who feel that Biden has abandoned them to the Republicans, Big Pharma, the insurance companies, racist realtors, Big Oil, racist law enforcement, and the like.