Virginia Attorney General Herring Asks Chase to Support Her Claims of Cheating in Current Elections


Attorney General Mark Herring asked Senator Amanda Chase (R-Chesterfield) to produce evidence supporting her claims of cheating in the current election.

On Real America’s Voice on Wednesday, Chase told John Fredericks, “I know how Democrats are cheating, and that information has been given to the Youngkin campaign,” she said. “I’m hearing reports today that people are going in to vote, and they have never done a mail-in ballot, ever, and when they went to case their ballot, they were told ‘No, we’ve already mailed you a mail-in ballot.’ And so we’re already looking into that.”

“Let’s be clear: these kinds of baseless, false claims are simply designed to undermine confidence in our democracy and our elections,” Attorney General Herring said in a Thursday press release. “If Senator Chase has any evidence of cheating or voter fraud then she has an obligation to bring it to the attention of authorities who can do something about it rather than secretively sharing this supposed ‘evidence’ with political allies.”

Herring is up for re-election.

In a letter emailed to Chase, Deputy Attorney General for Civil Litigation Samuel Towell cited the Attorney General’s authority to protect voter’s rights.

Therefore, if you have evidence of ongoing election fraud, cheating, or misconduct, please contact me as soon as possible so we may make arrangements to receive and review it,” Towell wrote.
The Youngkin campaign did not confirm if Chase had shared any information with them. Chase didn’t share specific details about her claims with The Virginia Star.

She said, “I will be publicly releasing a report after the election on Tuesday. The right people already have the information and are doing everything possible to protect this year’s election.”

“We want to make sure we give this information to the correct attorney general. Hopefully, that will be Jason Miyares,” she said.

Virginia’s statewide elections are expected to be close. When asked how voters could be sure results were accurate given the logical impossibility of proving a negative, Chase said that could only be done by passing laws requiring photo identification, eliminating unattended ballot boxes, and reducing greatly the number of mail-in ballots.

“That will only be corrected by electing only Republicans on November 2,” she said.

The Virginia GOP has mobilized significant numbers of poll watchers to ensure elections integrity, The Washington Post reported. That’s reassuring to Prince William County GOP Vice-Chair Willie Deutsch.

We have the biggest voter integrity operation in place the state has seen. I don’t expect any [cheating], and we’ll likely catch something if it does happen,” Deutsch told The Star.
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