Crom’s Commentary: By Forcing Vaccination, Democrats Are Losing Constituents

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Live from Music Row Monday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael in studio for another edition of Crom’s Commentary.

Henry: Crom Carmichael just joined us in the studio. A legend, a staple in this area. How are you doing? What’s on your mind this morning?

Carmichael: Grant, I have kind of along the lines of what you’re talking about, not at the state level, but more just at the national level. There are some things that the Biden administration is doing in regard to cover that I think is really going to hurt the Democrat party over time, because what it’s doing is it is arousing a whole bunch of very well-known people who typically are Democrat.

But they are now forcing these people to make decisions that are very bad for the individuals themselves. And so let me talk about that. Ice Cube, not to be confused with iced tea. (Henry laughs)

Ice Cube is a very popular rapper and an interesting guy. I’ve heard him in an interview. Very interesting guy. He refuses to be vaccinated. He had to pull out of a deal that he was already in that has now cost him $9 million.

Henry: Wow.

Carmichael: Because he was going to be an actor in some kind of a that is requiring that everybody on the set, even if they have already had COVID, be vaccinated. And Ice Cube said he’s not going to do that. Well, I will promise you that that is resonating across the Black community. That’s interesting.

Henry: And not just the Black community. I’m looking at The Drudge Report right now. Here’s a few side headlines. New York City begs for volunteer firefighters.

One-third of the FDNY remains unvaccinated hours before the mandate, and the LA Sheriff warns for a mass exodus amongst his own personnel. We’re talking policemen, firefighters as well. There’s a major problem going on with some of these cities.

Carmichael: What’s interesting is that COVID’s number of cases now is dropping significantly across the country. Here’s an article from The New York Times article on the declining COVID cases nationwide failed to mention Florida, where the cases are dropping even more rapidly than the nation as a whole.

The left-leaning media does not want to give DeSantis credit for anything. In fact, they just make stuff up to try to attack him. But the fact that COVID is dropping nationwide and yet Biden and his minions are maintaining that the mandates for being vaccinated stay in place as you pointed out.

In New York City, 20 percent of firefighters and I’m sitting there saying to myself, Well, what do firefighters do besides fight fires? And the answer is they run the ambulance. And so that’s the day-to-day thing.

And so there will now be people in New York City who died because they’re unable to get the ambulance service necessary to get to the hospital. And even if they do get to the hospital, the hospitals now have a shortage of health care workers because a significant number of health care workers have already gotten COVID and say that the vaccine for them is unnecessary.

I’ve had many medical professionals tell me that if you have gotten COVID your antibodies are stronger than if you had gotten the vaccine. Given the fact that the survival rate is incredibly high, this is a little bit like Biden standing up and saying, we have too many people dying from car accidents in this country therefore, no one can drive a car.

And we’re going to solve that problem. Okay, well, you solve that problem, and you’ve created 10,000 others by your mandate. And so he refuses to do that. Another case in point, headline at The Wall Street Journal.

American Airlines Cancels Hundreds of Flights. Now, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who heads the Department of Transportation, he’s more interested in adding people to the no-fly list, adding Americans to the no-fly list than he is solving the problems in our transportation sector.

It’s just mind-boggling Another one. This one is funny. This one is funny. A journalist is furious after hearing the pilot’s message on Biden broadcast over the Intercom. A Southwest pilot after finishing the message at the beginning before the flight ended it by saying, let’s all remember, Let’s Go Brandon. (Laughter)

And there was a left-wing journalist on the flight who says that psychologically damaged her. Let me just say that’s just hysterical. I just think that’s hysterical. And then here’s one. This is good.

A judge blocks the Biden administration from firing unvaccinated civilian and military employees at the federal level. Now, that hasn’t gotten a lot of press. But as of right now, that’s where the law stands because this judge blocked it.

We’ll see what happens as it goes higher, but he can’t fire people now. And then the last one is. And this is all with COVID all over the weekend. And then the last one is railroad company defies Biden’s executive order and rescinds the vaccine mandate days after announcing it.

And this is the country’s last frontier railroad company telling Biden to shove it. You’re going to destroy my company. There are a lot of people. There are over 120 million people, by the way, who have gotten covered and recovered.

120 million. And it is from that population. Those are the people who are choosing not to be vaccinated. And then there are others who have young children whose chances of them being hurt by COVID are infinitesimal.

But there is plenty of data that shows that there is a risk. Not a huge amount, but that there is a risk of having your life permanently altered if you’re a child and take the COVID vaccine. It happens rarely.

But if you’re the parent and you’re sitting there saying, okay, if my child doesn’t take the vaccine, they might get COVID. But the chances of them being affected by COVID long term are infinitesimal.

Or I can do the vaccine and what I’m being forced to do and do the vaccine, and my child can also, in that case, be harmed. But nobody wants to be held accountable for forcing a parent to have their child do that.

Where does the parent go if their child is one of the few who’s harmed by the vaccine? School boards? Don’t look at me. Biden, don’t look at me. In a country where we’re founded on the idea of individual rights, this is what flies in the face of our very culture, are these mandates?

Henry: Yeah, I know. Speaking of that, even in Tennessee, one of the pieces of legislation that were being considered last week was an opportunity to add strict liability to any company that would force one of these vaccine mandates on an employee.

I guess the idea is if you have an adverse reaction, what then ends up happening. Like you just said, if you have an adverse reaction either as an employee or as a child, what ends up happening to your ability to sue or to gather unemployment back or to do hospital expenses or any of these things.

Strict liability would set a standard that says that you don’t have to prove any type of real intent and that it’s not necessary to prove that there was an intent to harm you or that you were negligent in some aspect, as an employer.

It was just that you had that reaction itself similar to product liability or something like that. Now, I don’t think that ended up going anywhere. But it goes to your question of there are a lot of unanswered questions in this weird world we’re living in of people being forced or coerced to do something.

And on the way out, let me say, I think everyone here believes in the efficacy of vaccines, but that forcing of it seems to be the least effective way to get someone to take the thing. We’ll be right back after this break with more from Crom.

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