Michigan House Approves Bill to Block Critical Race Theory from Schools


The Michigan House of Representatives on Tuesday voted to pass House Bill (HB) 5097, which aims to block Critical Race Theory from the state’s school curriculum.

The measure, sponsored by Representative Ann Bollin (R-Brighton Township), prohibits any form of race or gender stereotyping in core academic curriculum.

“The radical new approach some are taking to push race and gender stereotypes onto young, impressionable children is wrong,” said Bollin. “Bringing such stereotypes into our classrooms divides kids and falsely teaches them that the color of their skin or their sex matters more than the content of their character.”

The legislation passed the chamber on a vote of 55-0, as Democrats refused to vote on the bill.

“Divisive liberal rhetoric has no place in our schools, and no child should be exposed to the far-left’s attempts to indoctrinate them,” said Eric Ventimiglia, Executive Director for Michigan Rising Action. “By passing HB 5097, Michigan Republicans have sent a firm message to the ‘woke’ mob that they will stand-up and protect our students.”

However, the legislation still faces a long path before becoming law in the state, as it will now head to the Michigan state Senate for its consent.

If approved, Governor Gretchen Whitmer would have the final say on the bill. Recently, Whitmer has vetoed multiple pieces of education legislation passed by Republicans in the state legislature.

One veto struck down a $155 million expenditure to provide reading scholarships for 155,000 students who fell behind during Whitmer’s lockdowns and ban on in-person learning.

Furthermore, the governor rejected Michigan Student Opportunity Accounts, which would allow parents to utilize state dollars as they see fit, by either staying in the traditional government system, enrolling in another option such as a private or virtual school, or receiving additional tutoring or other support.

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