Arizona Gov. Ducey Continues Investments into At-Risk Populations, Provides Funding for Youth Mentorship Program

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Governor Doug Ducey on Tuesday awarded funding to Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Central Arizona, aimed to establish a new mentorship program.

The $750,000 will be used to create a program that will serve approximately 550 Arizona kids over a two-year period.

The money will expand BBBS in-school mentoring and college and career readiness programs, which have proven to help improve or maintain students’ grades and educational expectations.

“It is crucial that we give our families the resources needed to ensure Arizona’s kids can grow up to lead safe and healthy lives,” said Ducey. “It’s no question that the pandemic brought countless challenges upon our kids. They faced time away from their classrooms, friends, teachers and role models that are so essential to their development, especially in their most formative years. I’m grateful for partners like Big Brothers Big Sisters and Black Mothers Forum for making sure our kids have positive role models and advocates.”

Additionally, Ducey detailed that $500,000 in federal funding will help Black Mothers Forum expand its parent training program. The added funds will create virtual training modules that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“I am grateful to Governor Ducey for supporting our efforts to equip Arizona’s parents and families with useful tools and guidance,” said Black Mothers Forum Founder Janelle Wood. “We are working hard to ensure parents have access to training that covers mental health, academic growth, safety and so much more so they can continue to protect their children and communities.”

Earlier this week, the governor provided $1 million in federal funding to the Arizona Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs.

The funding will be used to support a one-year program that will provide up to 5,000 individuals with critical life and social-emotional skills training.

When announcing the grants to various programs, Ducey has continuously pointed to the lingering side effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the state’s education.

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