Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles Asks: ‘Do We Have the Next Generation of Conservative Leaders That Are Tired of the BS?’


Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles in studio to talk healthcare, COVID data, and employer rulemaking.

(Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton clip plays)

Leahy: That’s Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton making a strong point. Paxton is a fantastic attorney general, which means, of course, that the left is trying to take him down. But he makes a good point.

We cannot have a dictator, a grifter in chief controlled by a bunch of leftwing puppeteers telling the rest of us what to do without any Constitution or legal statutory authority. That’s what this has come down to.

Ogles: And again, everything is in context, right? You’ve got vaccines. You now have pills. There’s a therapeutic that, I guess Merck has come up with that just was approved in Europe. There are ways to treat this. Now you have, for example, your health care workers, your frontline workers that were heroes 16, 18 months ago and we were all thanking them.

Whether if you’re in public office or on the radio, their courage and just the long hours and all that they were doing and the sacrifices. And now, if, for some reason, whether it be religious or just whatever, they don’t want to have the vaccine, they’re a pariah.

I’ve got 900 employees down in Maury County at Maury Regional that don’t want to take the vaccine. They’re going to be fired because of rulemaking. And that’s wrong.

Leahy: Well, the Maury Regional situation 900 employees, and right now, the rule has stayed. The illegal unconstitutional rule, let me add, has been stayed by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Biden maladministration wants to get rid of that. If that continues in Maury Regional, I don’t want to get into any details beyond the private stuff, but the folks at Maury Regional haven’t made that decision yet. Is that right?

Ogles: I do believe that when you look at this, there’s some difference between the OSHA rule and then how it applies to healthcare workers and Medicare and Medicaid.

But again, the question would be, does the federal government really have the authority to withhold funds from hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country just because of a rule?

Leahy: I don’t think so.

Ogles: I don’t either. But again, until you have a health system willing to say, A, we’re not going to force our workers to do this. And B, if you withhold funding because we’re required to provide indigent care, we’re going to sue you. End of story.

Leahy: This is all an intentional plan by the puppeteers who control the grifter in chief to create chaos to destroy our economic and political system. That’s what their real intent is, in my view.

Ogles: And it has been quite effective. I mean, look at how far we’ve come. Goodness, gracious. Two years ago, if we had this conversation where suddenly your employer could manage your health care against your will, that would have been even a faint reality.

We would have chuckled about it. Now, here we are, because of rulemaking that now your employer can say, you know, what? You have to have this vaccine.

Leahy: I think what this really shows is that the lunatic Democrats have been able to secure control of the reins of power through legal but not legitimate methods, they’re just revealing who they are. They are authoritarian Marxists. I think Mark Levin is right when he calls them that. He has a book called American Marxism.

That’s what these guys are. And they have secured the levers of power through what I would call un-legitimate means. We are now almost a year into this debacle. It’s time to push back. Voters have pushed back in Virginia, and I think they’re about to push back in the midterm elections.

Ogles: What will be interesting to see is especially at the local level. So like a red state such as Tennessee, do you have people running for school board or county commission or city council, or mayor’s offices? Are they going to challenge state reps and state senators?

You have an opportunity. Mike Bell, Senator Bell is retiring. Who’s in the queue to run for those seats? Do we have this next generation of conservative leaders that are just tired of the BS?

Leahy: Tired of the BS? I think that’s a good way to describe most of our listeners. Speaking of BS, there’s more BS. I know I’m making your day here. We have a story at The Tennessee Star on the web at It’s exclusive to us, but it’s from our Wisconsin Daily Star affiliate that we own and operate up in Wisconsin.

Let me read the headlines and brace yourself. The University of Wisconsin Begins Testing of COVID Vaccine on Infants Six Months to Five Years. I just saw your face drop when I said that. You’d not heard that before, had you?

Ogles: No.

Leahy: Let me read the story. It gets worse. The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health has begun testing the COVID vaccination on infants and toddlers aged six months to five years.

They will be testing the Moderna vaccine which has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use by children aged six months to five years. But they’ll be testing it on around 4,000 young children. Your reaction to that test?

Ogles: Oh, my goodness. Do you have a bleep button? Because you’re going to need it.

Leahy: Yes. (Ogles chuckles) We’ve got the bleep button ready.

Ogles: It’s just so frustrating. Let’s look at the facts again. The virus is real. It’s had a negative impact on individuals, on families, on the economy, but it still has a 99 percent survival rate. And if you are aged below 40 and you don’t have one of those comorbidities, the survival rate is 99.89 percent.

Whatever it is, whatever factor, how far you want to go out? We were talking about the event that Grant was the MC at. Clay Travis got up and he said if you look at the data, there have been more children shot and killed from guns in Chicago than all in the United States that have died from COVID. Yeah, that’s a fact. Think about that for a moment.

You have more kids killed by guns in Chicago than throughout this year 2021 this calendar year than have died from COVID. And so now we’re going to vaccinate. They cannot tell you. In fact, the CDC had to backpedal on whether or not the vaccine was safe for pregnant women. They said, oh, by the way, we can’t tell you, we can’t assure you that there isn’t a side effect, miscarriages, et cetera.

And we should have been more clear about that at the outset. With these types of revelations, now, we’re going to give it to children who aren’t even at risk. And look, there are situations, special situations.

Maybe a kid has a compromised immune system, maybe they’re in a high-risk household, but this mass inoculation of a vaccine that is still experimental, they keep changing the warnings on it, and they’re going to give to the kids. that’s baloney.

Leahy: In the state of Wisconsin where they’re doing this clinical test on children of the Moderna vaccine children in age six months to five years. The Department of Health has given us details about the percentage of COVID-19 deaths by age group. 8,597 people have died of COVID in Wisconsin.

20 percent of them were 90 years old or more. 30 percent of them were 80 to 89. 25 percent were 70 to 70. 15 percent were 60 to 69. Do you know what percentage of them were zero to nine? Zero percent.

I don’t even know if they have a single document of death in Wisconsin. I guess there have been a couple documented zero to nine, but infinitesimal.

Ogles: Throughout COVID here in the state of Tennessee, ages 61 years old or older with comorbidity comprise about 20 percent of the cases throughout COVID. Throughout the two years. 20 percent of the cases. However, they equate to 61 years of age or older with co-morbidity, over 80 percent of all fatalities.

Leahy: So that would be a clue if you’re looking at facts as to where the danger lies.

Ogles: That’s hard data. There’s no question about the PCR test. We can argue about whether or not some tests, did they die from COVID or with COVID. So if you have a cancer patient that’s on hospice and they die with COVID, did they really die from COVID, or did they die of a complication? Those numbers are relatively low.

So let’s look at the hard data. The number of those people that are dying from the virus, the vast majority, over 80 percent are 61 years of age or older and have comorbidity.

One of those being age, diabetes, heart issues, pulmonary and being overweight is comorbidity. So wake up America. Stop eating the Doritos. Go take a walk.

Leahy: Yes. Common sense.

Ogles: What about natural immunity? And why don’t we have some Wake Up America movement where people go get healthy?

Leahy: My hypothesis is that the Biden maladministration’s intent is to destroy the Constitutional Republic by creating chaos. They’re well on their way to do that. But we’re going to push back against that.

Ogles: Amen.

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