Tennessee National Guard Troops Who Decline COVID-19 Vaccine to Face Discipline


In line with Department of Defense policy, staff at the Tennessee National Guard (TNG) will punish members who do not vaccinate themselves against COVID-19.

TNG personnel will discharge any members who decline to vaccinate themselves, said TNG spokesman Darrin Haas.

“We are following all of the Department of Defense mandates and policies, and we are making it mandatory for all National Guard troops to get vaccinated. We just started our vaccination program, and right now they have until next June. If they choose not to vaccinate then they will eventually be discharged. It will be a general discharge under honorable conditions,” Haas told The Tennessee Star this week.

“And then if six months pass and you go without any legal problems you can request to turn it into an honorable discharge. Then they [the troops] will also be given a full reenlistment code so that if they decide to come back in the Guard they will maintain their same rank. All they have to do is be vaccinated when they come back.”

The Military Wallet said that the military grants general discharges to service members whose performances are satisfactory, but who still failed to meet all expectations of military conduct. The military grants honorable discharges to service members who received a good or honorable rating for their service time and exceeded standards for performance and personal conduct.

Haas told The Star that TNG personnel have offered religious and medical exemptions. When asked, he said he did not know if TNSG staff members have been granted such exemptions yet.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III in August directed mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for service members, according to the U.S. Army’s website.

Pentagon spokesman John F. Kirby said at the time that Pentagon staff would only mandate Food and Drug Administration-approved vaccines.

Kirby said the military will exempt service members with preexisting conditions and whose doctors advise against vaccinating.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “The National Guard” by The National Guard. CC BY 2.0.






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12 Thoughts to “Tennessee National Guard Troops Who Decline COVID-19 Vaccine to Face Discipline”

  1. Sim

    “WHERE” in the “CONSTITUTION” does it give “GOVERNMENT” the authority to “MANDATE” that people participate in an “EXPERIMENT” that no one knows what the final results will be


    lose all “RIGHTS” as “CITIZEN”???

    “Personally”, I think it’s time we used the “Second Amendment” for what it was intended to be used.

  2. Leskso Brandon

    Gov Bill Lee is absolutely a gut less coward. He needs to take a stand.

  3. Wolf Woman

    Tyranny stalks the land. What are we going to do about it?

  4. John

    There’s plenty of wiggle room here. No reason not to comply. Especially since you are property of the US Government until discharge or retirement.

    The politics of this pLandemic has clouded people’s judgement. I blame politicians and opportunists, like Fauci, for that. Then on the other side we have staunch antivax people who are just as guilty of spreading fear and misinformation as the other side.

    Forget about mandates and the politics for a second. Think about how getting the jab or not getting the jab impacts, not only your life, but the ones around you. Some of you got a spouse, children and other family members that depend on you. Don’t be so staunch in your political views that you end up being another unnecessary death, like Phil Valentine.

    Two nights ago, a dear friend passed away from COVID. He was a great family man. Very devout in his faith. All the kids were homeschooled by the wife while he ran the family business. He wasn’t vaccinated. He was overweight and had just gotten over a different illness. He left behind a wife and six kids.

    So people, I implore you to assess your health and financial risks. Make a smart decision instead of blindly saying yes or no. Remember, this shot does not prevent you from getting COVID but it will help fight off. Ask yourself, can my household sustain itself if I’m laid up in the hospital for 1 or 2 months? Do I have good enough insurance that’s going to cover the costs? Especially if they have to life-flight you quickly to the ER.

    If you can’t afford insurance, then get off your freakin’ butt and get the jab! The only thing worse than having a $25k+ hospital bill and having to pay off debt collectors is dying with a $25k hospital bill, leaving your family to pick up the pieces. Not only will they be grieving, but they will also be saddled with that debt.

    Again – just to be clear…
    -Assess your individual risks.
    -Factor in the pros and cons.
    -Make a decision.

    After Valentine needlessly dying and now a close friend needlessly dying, I’ve stopped looking at this through the eyes of politics, and started using the practical common sense my creator gave me. And I want you all to do the same. My apologies for the rant. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading.

    Stay safe.

  5. Dwayne Oxford

    Lucifer’s pharma “ru(I)ns” our armed forces.

  6. John J

    Fine! Every soon to be former member of the TNG, should go back to their private lives, and when a SHTF event happens, Bill Lee, Randy McNally and Cameron Sexton can go out and deal the problem.

    Our Tennessee government is an OUT OF CONTROL bunch of hypocritical IDIOTS! I remember Bill saying “government is not the answer”. He’s right, let’s get rid of if, including him!

    1. Kitty Lenoir

      Our governor is not a leader. Very disappointed in him. Do we have an America First candidate who can primary him????

  7. rick

    “Lets Go Brandon”

  8. Donace Dillon

    Why is this non-approved shot being pushed to kill people? the “approved” one is bad enough, and it is NOT available yet! Many dying, having adverse effects….

  9. David Blackwell RN, BSN, CCM

    I guess we are about to find out if we are still one nation under God?

    My gut tells me we are not. My gut tells me that the Muslims are not mandating anything. You remember, those that hate us for our freedoms?

    That is unless their governments are running on Fiat Currency now?

    I’m reading Navy SEALS Sue Biden Over Vaccine Mandate on Scribd: https://www.scribd.com/document/538441243/Navy-SEALS-Sue-Biden-Over-Vaccine-Mandate

  10. Ms Independent

    I’d rather be discharged than get the jab. I’d sue too.

  11. This government is NOT American. It is not “of” America. it is not “for” America.