University of Tennessee College of Law Leadership Finalists Promote Critical Race Theory and Non-Traditional Families


Staff at the University of Tennessee College of Law in Knoxville are advertising for a new dean, and one of the five finalists uses his position in academia to promote Critical Race Theory (CRT).

University of Tennessee (UT) staff announced the five College of Law dean finalists this month.

One of them, Jonathan Cardi, co-edited a book titled Critical Race Realism. Amazon says the book builds on the field of CRT.

“Critical Race Realism offers a practical look at the way racial bias plays out at every level of the legal system, from witness identification and jury selection to prosecutorial behavior, defense decisions, and the way expert witnesses are regarded,” according to Amazon’s description.

Cardi currently teaches law at the North Carolina-based Wake Forest University School of Law. According to Cardi’s school profile, he specializes in tort law, the law of remedies, and the intersection of race and the law. described CRT as “a Marxist ideology that embraces the concept that all American institutions are systemically racist, with whites as oppressors and blacks as victims.”

Another finalist, Melanie B. Jacobs, teaches law at Michigan State University, according to that school’s website.

“Specifically, her scholarship advocates for legal recognition of non-traditional families and changes to the traditional establishment of parent-child relationships due to the increased use of assisted reproductive technologies,” Jacobs’ school profile said.

“Professor Jacobs has argued in favor of preserving nonbiological parental relationships to foster the best interests of children as well as recognizing more than two legal parents in certain circumstances.”

Jacobs’ current research and scholarship explores what she said is the link between procreative autonomy and intentional parenthood, according to her profile.

Procreative autonomy is defined as the right to decide to have or to not have children, as well as when and how to have them.

Jacobs, her profile went on to say, belongs to the Feminists Judgments Project. Hundreds of feminist law professors, according to the group’s website, collaborate to “reimagine and rewrite key judicial decisions from a feminist perspective.”

The remaining three finalists, Zachary A. Kramer, Lonnie T. Brown, and Nicola Boothe teach law, respectively, at Arizona State University, the University of Georgia, and Boston University School of Law.

A UT staff member in that school’s communications office said a school representative would return The Tennessee Star’s request for comment about the finalists. Ultimately, no one replied before our stated deadline.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Melanie Jacobs” by Michigan State University. Photo “Jonathan Cardi” by Wake Forest University. Background Photo “University of Tennessee Law School” by Utknoxlaw. CC BY-SA 3.0.





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12 Thoughts to “University of Tennessee College of Law Leadership Finalists Promote Critical Race Theory and Non-Traditional Families”

  1. […] first reported by The Tennessee Star, W. Jonathan Cardi was co-editor of the book Critical Race Realism: Intersections of Psychology, […]

  2. Jay

    Where is the legislature? It’s one thing if private funds are behind this trash but taxpayer money come on man!

  3. 83ragtop50

    Randy Boyd does not represent Tennessee values unless one considers the governor and many legislators.

  4. Teddy

    What are they thinking??? All we need is another liberal, left wing nut job running the law school. Can’t believe Randy Boyd would consider one of these people.

  5. jamesb

    tell them to find a new school.

  6. Kitty Lenoir

    Hey wake up donors to UT…say no!!!

  7. Bob Marsh

    All this CRT is not going to work out well in the future. Spreading like kudzu in summer.

    Racial hatred is being stoked. My grandchildren talk about race like my grandfather . Odd!

  8. Ms Independent

    There ya go. UT is Vanderbilt…

  9. Kevin

    Have Mr. Cardi and Ms. Jacobs ever looked in a mirror? Both appear to be quite lacking in melanin.

    But, IF things are as they say, why would UT hire a “white” person, aka an “oppressor”, to run the College of Law? It’s either a special kind of stupid, OR, it’s that every other “white” person is an oppressor, but not them! Classic LIBERAL BS! Of course that’s what we’ve got running our universities!

    Funny that these libtards never learn from history. The first thing that gets “purged” when a society devolves into a communist or autocratic form of rule, are the “centers of higher education”. You can’t have any “zealots” running around teaching the youngin’s!

  10. Dr Ken

    Why not toss another acronym in the mix, namely PC, yes political correctness. From what little was written in this article, it seems UT is buckling to PC. What little is written paints Cardi and Jacobs as candidates who would want to indoctrinate students to their specific beliefs be it CRT and feminism respectively. UT, don’t tarnish a good school, a good program, in the name of PC.

  11. John Bumpus

    Where is Randy Boyd in all of this? Boyd is supposed to be in charge of the UT System. I myself have no doubt that in a few short years Boyd will be running for Tennessee Governor again touting his ‘great achievements’ at UT as his bona fides for his gubernatorial candidacy. The left-wing media in Tennessee will call it gravitas and laud Boyd for it! And presto, Tennessee will have itself another left-wing ‘Republican’ Governor, and the people of the State a few weeks/months after his inauguration will be wondering how did we get ourselves another RINO statewide elected official? It seems to me that if Boyd really cared about such things as this (i.e., I am a believer in that old adage ‘that personnel is policy’), these kinds of things would never get ‘this far down the road’ toward becoming reality.