Old Dominion Professor Battling to ‘Destigmatize’ Pedophilia


A transgender assistant professor of sociology and criminology at Old Dominion University (ODU) has been making the media rounds advocating in support of pedophilia, or what he calls “minor attraction,” according to a report from earlier this week.

Allyn Walker is a transgender female – a biological male – who identifies as “non-binary.” Walker also teaches at ODU.

In an interview with Protasia, a group that advocates for legalizing child sex dolls and argues that pedophilia should be a sexuality on the LGBT spectrum, Walker said that the term “pedophile” should be replaced with “minor attracted person” (MAP) because “… I think it’s important to use terminology for groups that members of that group want others to use for them,” and that “MAP advocacy groups like B4U-Act have advocated for use of the term, and they’ve advocated for it primarily because it’s less stigmatizing than other terms like pedophile.”

The report notes that B4U-Act was founded by convicted serial rapist Michael Melsheimer “for the explicit purposes of normalizing pedophilia and distracting from prevention efforts.”

Protasia has also been accused of being pro-pedophilia.

“Although I’m not a MAP, myself, I am queer, and so I too, have been through experiences and realized that I have attractions many people wouldn’t understand, and that some people find to be immoral,” Walker says later in the interview. “And those experiences have really shaped who I’ve become. And so I sort of empathize with those experiences, and I wanted to learn more.”

Walker has also recently released a book called “A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity.”

The MAP movement and Protasia are controversial, even among the political left.

Popular YouTuber June Lapine, who describes herself as a “left-wing populist” and uses the online moniker shoe0nhead, went on a tirade against Protasia in one of her recent videos.

She sounded off on the group again Friday.

“Prostasia uses typical liberal HR speak, throwing around words like ‘problematic,’ ‘marginalized,” and ‘sex positive’ to latch onto LGBT activism in order to look more appealing and attach themselves to successful activist movements,” Lapine told The Virginia Star. “The worst part is, it works. Well meaning people will be guilt tripped by the co-opting of ‘born this way’ rhetoric. I’ve been called a ‘reactionary” and ‘alt-right’ for years for criticizing groups like Prostasia. Pedophilia is a sick fetish – a philia – not a ‘sexuality.’ Some things need to remain stigmatized.”

ODU did not respond to a comment request.

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Pete D’Abrosca is a contributor at The Virginia Star and The Star News Network. Follow Pete on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Allyn Walker” by Protasia Foundation.





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4 Thoughts to “Old Dominion Professor Battling to ‘Destigmatize’ Pedophilia”

  1. Dr Ken

    It seems to me the only people supportive of destigmatizing pedophilia are pedophiliacs. So, this, whatever he/she is, contends the label hurts the feelings of a pedophile. He/she/it seems to minimize the hurt and harm these offenders impose on their child victims. It is long overdue for Old Dominion to dismiss, with cause, this person as being unqualified to serve the university in any capacity.

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  3. Bill

    This is the satanic leftist woke progressiveness your government is pushing. It is below animal standard in nature and pure hellish in thought and action. Anyone who would agree with and or promote such thought should be caged. Hell is waiting for souls such as these.

  4. LM

    Ask parents how they feel about their children being molested and see what you get.