Former President Trump Reaffirms Support for Ohio Congressional Candidate Max Miller


Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday reaffirmed his support for congressional candidate Max Miller.

Miller, who originally launched his campaign to challenge incumbent Representative Anthony Gonzalez (R-OH-16), recently announced that he would run in a different district established by the state’s redistricting process.

As Miller’s campaign progressed, Gonzalez, who supported a measure to impeach Trump, announced that he would not seek another term in Congress.

“Saving America starts with saving the GOP from RINOs, sellouts, and known losers. My great Trump-endorsed candidate in Ohio, Max Miller, is doing both. After I endorsed Max, his RINO opponent​, Anthony Gonzalez​, was forced into early retirement. A big win for the GOP!” Trump said in a statement.

Miller, who served as an aide in the Trump administration, will now run in Ohio’s 13th Congressional District.

“Now, with Ohio’s new Congressional lines, Max will be running in the 13th District where he will help lead the path back to ​a strong GOP majority. Max will be a powerful voice for America First and will fight to rein in the Communist Democrats’ radical agenda. Max has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” Trump continued, detailing his support for Miller’s decision to run in the new district.

Miller highlighted that he currently lives in the 13th District and has campaigned thoroughly in the area.

“The District number may be changing, but my campaign to advance America First policies—policies that lower taxes, secure the southern border, and make our communities safer—will persist. I love Ohio and I look forward to taking the voice of the 13th CD to Congress,” Miller said in a tweet.

Instead of facing Gonzalez, Miller is expected to face a challenge from the left, as he runs in a more Democratic-friendly district.

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