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10 Thoughts to “Salvation Army Withdraws Guide That Asks White Supporters to Apologize for Their Race”

  1. Joe

    Lower operating cost and higher percent to beneficiaries than other organizations convinced me years ago to donate to the Salvation Army. As a bonus they gave me an opportunity to limit their solicitations. Having just received a thank you letter for this years contribution I knew it was too late to cancel my check. I WILL NOT condone WOKE culture and refuse to do business with corps. or organizations who do. has a list of charities so much more deserving of my contribution.

  2. Chris

    Sorry, SA, you have forever sullied your organization’s reputation

    The donations won’t come back, ever.

  3. Deplorable Bay Stater

    The worst part is that instead of admitting that they did anything wrong, they’re now lying about what they said and did. If they had admitted their error, apologized, and fired everyone who had anything to do with this hateful document, I might have considered forgiving them, because they do actually help a lot of people. But they have shown themselves to be a thoroughly corrupt organization that is rotten to the core, so they will never again receive any contributions from me.

  4. Gomer

    Surrprriissee, surrprriissee, surrprriissee!

  5. Ms Independent

    Ragtop- As Rush would say—right on- right on!!
    I agree with you!!

  6. Donna

    I will continue to donate, for failure to do so will harm those who desperately need help.

    1. Truthy McTruthFace

      plenty of other good orgs to donate to. like the nashville rescue mission. do not support this clownery

  7. 83ragtop50

    Too little too late. Their true colors have been exposed to the world. I will never, ever again give to them.

  8. nicky wicks

    too late. will never donate again. may as well keep your red buckets in your warehouse.