Kenosha’s Democratic Lawmakers Want Wisconsin’s Weapons Law Changed Following Rittenhouse Case

Todd Ohnstad, Bob Wirch and Tip McGuire
by Benjamin Yount


In response to the Kyle Rittenhouse case, Kenosha’s three Democratic lawmakers have introduced a plan to make it illegal for anyone under 18 to carry a rifle or a shotgun unless they are hunting.

“While Wisconsin law generally prohibits a minor from possessing a dangerous weapon, there is an exception which allows a minor to possess a long gun or rifle if the barrel is longer than 16 inches,” Sen. Bob Wirch, D-Somers, along with Reps. Tod Ohnstad, D-Kenosha, and Tip McGuire, D-Kenosha, said in a statement. “The exception was made to respect Wisconsin’s sporting heritage. This bill simply clarifies that a minor may only possess a long gun or rifle if they are legally hunting and in compliance with hunting laws.”

Prosecutors in the Rittenhouse case tried to charge him with illegal possession of a firearm, but that charge was dropped because Wisconsin law allows some teenagers to carry certain rifles and shotguns.

Wirch, Ohnstad and McGuire said that law was clearly designed for hunting, not carrying a rifle through the streets. They want to close what they are calling a loophole.

“This initial law was made to respect Wisconsin’s rich tradition of hunting, and it’s important we clarify that by updating the current statue. It’s not uncommon to discover loopholes in our state statues and when we do, it’s our job as elected officials to ensure they are corrected,” the three wrote.

The plan has not yet been assigned a hearing, and it’s unclear what the fate will be in Wisconsin’’s Republican-controlled legislature.

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Benjamin Yount contributes to The Center Square.
Photo “Todd Ohnstad” by Todd Ohnstad for State Assembly, photo “Bob Wirch” by Bob Wirch for State Senate, photo “Tip McGuire” by Rep. Tip McGuire and photo “Wisconsin State Capitol” by Cjbed CC BY-SA 3.0.


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  1. Kitty Lenoir

    They need to ban SUVs in Wisconsin.