Law Professor John Eastman on Steve Bannon’s War Room Explains Why Pelosi’s January 6 Select Committee is Not Legitimate


Stephen K. Bannon welcomed Conservative attorney, legal scholar, and professor of law John Eastman on Monday’s War Room: Pandemic to explain his attorney’s letter to Congress citing the illegitimacy of his subpoena regarding the January 6 committee hearings.

Bannon: I’m going to start with John Eastman. God do I love this guy. John Eastman, Raheem Kassam, and the great team over at the National pulse have a story. Because I never talk about this stuff because I’m focused on destroying brick by brick this radical regime that is the Biden administration and proud of it. So suck on that Democrats.

Embrace the suck. But there is a huge story up here about your lawyer and something destroying the January 6 subpoenas. Can you walk us through here what’s gone on here sir?

I’m going to put it up on the screen in Denver and all of our platforms so people can see it in our live chat. John Eastman, the floor is all yours.

Eastman: I love that headline. John Eastman’s Lawyers Just Destroyed the January 6 Committee and its Subpoenas. Look, what we discovered looking into this, and I should say that I like you were subpoenaed to come to testify to the January 6 committee.

But also to produce documents communications spanning a period of 19 months. Everything I’ve ever written or said or communicated to anybody about election integrity including my contact lists. I mean this is the most far-reaching intrusion on first ame3ndent and fourth amendment rights I’ve ever seen.

But we also did a deep dive into the legality of this committee. And Nancy Pelosi acknowledged at one point that when she refused to put on the republicans that had been recommended by the House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy that that was an unprecedented step.

And indeed it was. Throughout our history, our committees in congress have been bi-partisan. Each party has roughly a proportional share of committee members that reflect its proportional share of the overall body.

And when Pelosi refused to accept any of McCarthy’s picks, that meant there were no Republicans appointed to that committee by the process that has normally been employed. And that had very significant consequences.

One, the authorizing resolution for the committee says five out of the 13 shall be appointed after consultation with the minority leader. Well, she didn’t take any of them. So that’s zero out of 13. She did appoint two nominal Republicans. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, who are virally anti-Trump.

But they weren’t appointed by the Republican caucus and therefore they are not reflective of the Republican party. The reason this is significant is the way the committee does its business, it has to have a consultation with the ranking minority member.

And there isn’t one! It has to give the ranking minority member the ability to hire counsel to be a counterpoint in the questioning of witnesses. There isn’t one. That counsel is supposed to be given equal time according to the House rules and long-standing precedent.

But there isn’t one! And the notion that counsel hired by Liz Cheney who was appointed by Pelosi can serve that adversarial role is laughable. And so this whole thing is just a farce. And more importantly, you end up with people kind of having to be deposed behind closed doors.

And as we saw Adam Schiff do in the Ukraine impeachment, he would selectively leak distorted versions of what was said behind closed doors in order to try and build a narrative that wasn’t true.

And back then, you had other people like Jim Jordan who could go out and publicly correct the record because they are protected by the constitution speech and debate clause from being held to account for anything they say. But if a witness goes out and corrects the record, now that’s a contempt of Congress. This is a star chamber and it’s rather extraordinary.

Bannon: Can I ask you, Raheem wrote this article. This is a letter that your lawyer sent to Benny Thompson the chairman of the committee. He wrote a detailed letter about these issues?

Eastman: Yes. My legal team put together a legal letter responding to the subpoena request explaining all of the reasons why I was going to assert my priveledges under the fifth amendment not to come to testify and not to produce all of these documents.

The first half of the letter is all these procedural flaws in the whole process. These aren’t technicalities. There is a good reason for 230 years that we’ve had bi-partisanship on committees. That’s how we protect against hyper-partisan witchhunts.

There is a good reason why Congress doesn’t have law enforcement capability. Because it’s politicized by definition. And yet they are operating as if they are prosecutor, judge, and jury.

Chairman Thompson has even said, well I get to rule on your own objections and then I get to be the deciding voice on the appeal of your objections. That’s not the way our system of justice is supposed to work. And yet that’s what they are doing here. And so we decided to kind of call them on it and really expose what’s going on.

Bannon: Raheem’s story just came up. When did your team transmit this letter to Chairman Thompson?

Eastman: It was transmitted to Chairman Thompson yesterday afternoon. And it was copied to Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy because it was his picks to the committee that were refused and that has created this problem. We also copied it to all five members of the committee that had been designated by McCarthy but that Pelosi refused to seat.

Bannon: Fine. And we’ve got the letter up now on all the platforms. And we’ve got Raheem’s amazing story. Raheem, great job, great analysis. On The National Pulse, we’ve got it up everywhere. On social media, how do people continue to track you and follow your thoughts and writings about all this?

Eastman: At Dr. John Eastman on GETTR. But it would be really useful if people would visit to help us with the legal defense fund to cover the legal fees here.

And what’s going on here is they are trying to target everybody that ever dared to call into question the false media narrative that there was nothing wrong with the last election. We have got to push back against that if we are going to still control the direction of our government.

Bannon: Okay. Can you give that Give Send Go again? Can you give that? I want to make sure it’s on all the chat rooms and everything. What is it?

Eastman: And by the way, I highly recommend that site. It’s a great crowdsourcing site for religious conservatives. But it also allows people to send prayers if they would prefer to do that as well. And we are finding that very helpful and encouraging.

Bannon: Always need prayers, don’t you? Okay, John, thank you so much. Thank you for joining us. I want to thank Raheem Kassam and the team over at The National Pulse.

Watch the full interview here:

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  3. Mark Fowler

    Thanks so much for sharing example #5,623 in the series on the lawlessness, criminality, viciousness and generally murderous behavior on the part of leftist Democrats. Good job. Anybody going to do anything about it except whine and protest? I thought not. The radical left acts; conservatives talk. The January 6
    committee doesn’t give a damn about a letter. “Destroy the committee”? It’s just more words.

    I was hoping that Mr. Bannon had realized what it was going to take to stop this kind of behavior. But I guess he’s been too busy with his invitation to Ms. Pelosi’s latest completely criminal process. Be sure to address her as “goddess”

    The people who created this country, would be so proud. See you in the internment camps.