U.S. Census Numbers Reveal How Many New People Are Living in Tennessee


The U.S. Census Bureau on Tuesday published new population estimates and ranked Tennessee as being one of the top 10 states for numeric growth between 2020 and 2021.

The Census Bureau also reported that the Volunteer State grew in population, however slightly, between April 2020 and July 2021.

Tennessee, in April 2020, had 6,910,840 residents, but by July of this year that number had increased to 6,975,218.

“According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Vintage 2021 national and state population estimates and components of change released today, the population of the United States grew in the past year by 392,665, or 0.1 percent, the lowest since the nation’s founding,” according to that agency’s report.

Since April 1, 2020, the nation’s population increased from 331,449,281 to 331,893,745, a gain of 444,464, or 0.13 percent, the report said.

“The South, with a population of 127,225,329, was the most populous of the four regions (encompassing 38.3 percent of the total national population) and was the only region that had positive net domestic migration of 657,682 (the movement of people from one area to another within the United States) between 2020 and 2021,” the U.S. Census Bureau reported.

“The Northeast region, the least populous of the four regions with a population of 57,159,838 in 2021, experienced a population decrease of -365,795 residents due to natural decrease (-31,052) and negative net domestic migration (-389,638). The West saw a gain in population (35,868) despite losing residents via negative net domestic migration (-144,941).”

The U.S. Census Bureau also reported the following:

• With a population of 29,527,941 in 2021, Texas had the largest annual and cumulative numeric gain, increasing by 310,288 (1.1 percent) and 382,436 (1.3 percent), respectively.

• Idaho had the fastest annual and cumulative population increase, growing by 2.9 percent (53,151) in the last year, and by 3.4 percent (61,817) since April 1, 2020.

• New York had the largest annual and cumulative numeric population decline, decreasing by 319,020 (1.6 percent) and 365,336 (1.8 percent), respectively.

• Over the past year, the District of Columbia’s population declined by 2.9 percent, or 20,043 residents, to a population of 670,050 in 2021. This was the largest annual percent decrease in the nation.

• The largest net domestic migration gains were in Florida (220,890), Texas (170,307) and Arizona (93,026).

“Three states had populations above 20 million in 2021: California (39,237,836), Texas (29,527,941) and Florida (21,781,128),” according to the report.

“New York dropped below 20 million people in the last year, decreasing from 20,154,933 to 19,835,913.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]





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9 Thoughts to “U.S. Census Numbers Reveal How Many New People Are Living in Tennessee”

  1. TG

    Im a Nashville native born and raised and disgusted by these comments. Please do NOT bring your HATE here!

  2. James Hildbold

    We will leave CA (Santa Rosa) for TN in May after we sell our house here in CA.
    Wish everyone who pays taxes would leave.

  3. 83ragtop50

    Does anyone really believe the data produced by the feds?

  4. Jason

    I’m one who fled Los Angeles for middle TN to strengthen liberty here. I yearn for the day we start gutting leftists in mass amounts. Live what I’ve lived & you will understand what needs to be done sooner than later. It’s not an option, it’s survival.

  5. LM

    People are fleeing liberal – run wastelands like rats off of a sinking ship for areas with conservative government. The problem is, all to often , they bring their liberal ideas with them – even though those are exactly the people they are running away from.

    1. James K Hildbold

      That is a great concern. I hope it does not happen in TN. The CA come and they do not negotiate price – they pay anything – they sell their overpriced shacks in TN for a million, then come to TN and do not negotiate, they just pay the highest price – forcing prices up. Then they want Lights on, lit-up ball fields, services, TN-CARE, be careful. Over 35% of CA is on Medicaid and about the same amount are illegal. DEMs here are extremely liberal. They will vote for higher taxes every time. They will demand medicare, freebies, so it’s a scourge to have them in TN. The more free programs TN offers, the more homeless will come – CA has a homeless camp on every streets. It’s gross.

  6. Kevin

    Well, isn’t this interesting! In 14 months, all of Tennessee’s population grew by 62.3K people. For years now certain media outlets and unsavory politicians have been saying that “Nashville is growing by 100 people per day.” So, 62.3K people moved to Tennessee but 42.5K (do the math) moved to Nashville? You mean that all of those new apartments in Murfreesboro or Gallatin, or Maryville were built to house 21.9K people?

    And these idiots in the Fake News and government think they can continue to buffalo us! We are the WOKE!

  7. David Blackwell RN, BSN, CCM

    Unfortunately many of these people escaping the blue states bring their blue state politics here and will ruin Tennessee eventually. They have done so in Georgia and are doing so in Texas as we speak. It’s like a cancer. They just don’t get the concept of liberty.

    1. John

      David is exactly right.

      Wife and I made friends with a couple who moved down here from Ohio. Woman is a do nothing stay at home housewife with no kids. She voted to increase the county tax. I took her to task on it, while her husband stood by and nodded with me in approval.