Ohio Governor DeWine Signs Esther’s Law and ‘Born Alive’ Abortion Bill


Ohio Governor Mike DeWine on Wednesday signed multiple bills that the Ohio State Legislature passed earlier this year, including “Esther’s Law” and a “born alive” abortion bill.

The two laws could bring dramatic changes throughout the state, as supporters of each piece of legislation argue the bills are meant to protect members of vulnerable populations.

Esther’s Law, a bipartisan bill sponsored by Senator Nickie J. Antonio (D-Lakewood), will allow nursing home residents in the state to install a camera in their room. According to proponents, the new law will help crack down on potential elder abuse.

“Esther’s Law will provide families crucial peace of mind by allowing them to check up on their elderly loved ones wherever they may be. The Covid-19 pandemic truly highlighted the necessity of this legislation when in-person visits were not possible. It is an important first step in bringing families closer together and safeguarding the lives of some of the most vulnerable Ohioans,” said Senator Antonio.

Senate Bill 157, the “born alive” abortion bill sponsored by Senator Terry Johnson (R-McDermott), blocks doctors who work for state-funded hospitals and medical schools from contracting with abortion clinics.

Furthermore, the law would mandate doctors to conduct necessary medical treatment on babies that survive failed abortions. Medical professionals who opt to disregard the measure could face first-degree felony charges.

“Thank you Governor DeWine for standing up for Ohio’s newborns and protecting life at its most vulnerable stage,” Johnson said after the signing. “Every child, no matter the circumstances surrounding his or her birth, deserves our compassion and care.”

As previously reported by The Ohio Star, “Because of the provision restricting doctors from contracting, two abortion clinics, Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio and Women’s Med of Dayton, could be forced to close.”

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Photo “Ohio State Capitol” by Steven Miller CC BY 2.0.




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