Nearly 50 Guns Stolen Out of Vehicles in Nashville Last Week

An unloaded handgun sitting on the center console of a vehicle with the magazine clip next to it


Thieves in Nashville this year have stolen exactly 1,259 guns out of vehicles, according to statistics, as compiled by the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD).

“More than 70 percent of ALL guns reported stolen in 2021 (1,789) were taken from vehicles. Last week, 49 guns were stolen from cars and trucks. Many of the guns taken last week came from vehicles parked outside nightclubs, apartment buildings and hotels,” MNPD officials said in a press release last week.

“Going hand in hand with vehicle burglaries is vehicle theft. A review of last week’s stolen vehicle reports in Nashville shows that 66 percent of the automobiles taken (45 of 68) were easy thieves. Just like guns taken from vehicles, these stolen autos are also routinely involved in criminal activities, including car jackings and robberies.”

MNPD officials have long advised Nashville residents to lock their cars and secure their valuables — especially guns — and remove the keys from the inside of the vehicle.

Nashville Public Radio (NPR) reported in 2019 that many states have observed a rise in gun thefts. The station said that “an NPR survey of a sampling of police departments reveals steady increases in reports of guns stolen from vehicle.”

As The Tennessee Star has reported several times, thieves and convicted felons throughout the state frequently bypass traditional and legal methods to obtain firearms — even though they are not supposed to have them. One example, as reported in March, occurred in the western part of the state where officials with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Tennessee sentenced an already convicted felon to 88 months in prison for possessing a firearm.

MNPD Chief John Drake last month announced a new Violent Crimes Division to investigate car jackings, armed robberies, and other violent incidents of an apparent serial nature.

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5 Thoughts to “Nearly 50 Guns Stolen Out of Vehicles in Nashville Last Week”

  1. liquidators1

    If employers allowed their employees carry at work a lot of this would end. Mt. Juliet already allows its city employees to carry at work.

  2. 83ragtop50

    Isn’t it just terrible how these dastardly guns jump out of the cars and into hands of the poor innocents just walking by? Why is the outrage not about the thieves?

  3. william delzell

    The moral: don’t leave valuables in your car if you can safely take them out and put in a concealed area where they won’t attract a would-be burglar’s attention.

  4. John

    Come on people. You’re weapon should be on your person at all times. Not under a seat, in a glovebox or in a purse. If a business or institution doesn’t allow a firearm on the premises, then don’t go in. Yes – it is a pain in the rump but think of the consequences of leaving that firearm behind.

    For the love of everything that’s hole, don’t be like our politicians. Be responsible!

  5. rick

    A neighbor caught a man going thru cars in a nice neighborhood held him at gunpoint until the police arrived and the police let him go on site, how is that chief Drake for deterring crime and the same group was back a few nights later rummaging thru cars again. Drake you need to get on the job, quit kissing up to Commie Cooper and go to work but, its your bro’s mainly doing this crime, that is who my neighbor caught and they fear no punishment from the police or the judicial ! Go WOKE have crime! “Lets Go Brandon”