Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Celebrates Granting More Pardons Than ‘Any Governor in Contemporary History’

Tony Evers


Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers on Tuesday pardoned 30 individuals that were convicted for a host of violations, including drug distribution.

With the added numbers, Evers has now released 337 convicted criminals in his first three years leading the state.

When announcing the additional pardons, Evers celebrated granting “more pardons during his first three years in office than any governor in contemporary history.”

“I’m proud of our work to give a second chance to folks who’ve made amends and paid their debt to society,” said Evers. “These individuals have recognized and acknowledged their past mistakes, and this sends a powerful message of redemption as each of them work to build a brighter, better future for themselves and their communities.”

The governor’s Pardon Advisory Board reviewed applications from dozens of convicted individuals, forwarding those expedited for review or recommended by the board to the governor.

While the governor celebrated his milestone, in a recent interview, he hinted that he may support bail reform for the state, a move that would likely increase penalties for offenders.

The remarks from Evers came after Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm’s office allowed Darrell Brooks to be released on $1,000 bail. Days later, Brooks allegedly drove his vehicle into a crowd of residents watching the Waukesha Christmas parade, killing multiple individuals and injuring dozens more.

Residents of the county filed a formal complaint, seeking the removal of Chisholm from his position. The governor’s office has yet to take action.

“You hate to use tragedy like this to create an impetus to change,” Evers said during a conversation with WISC. “But if everybody sits back and takes a breath maybe there’s a way that people that have a violent past could have higher bail. I’m open to that.”

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