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5 Thoughts to “As Omicron Surges, Understaffed Hospitals Ease Mandates, Rehire Unvaxxed Employees”

  1. Chiefpayne

    Hope the fired employees tell them to forget it!!! Hope the understaffed hospitals go under!

    I’d advise the ex-employees go work for other hospitals who DIDN’T fire their staff…and would remind them that in 2020 they weren’t fired but in 2021 they were. Said hospitals would not think twice about firing you AGAIN!

    Find a hospital that appreciates your hard work and dedication!

  2. David Blackwell RN, BSN, CCM

    Many of us are gone for good, never to return to the Hospitals. In fact 25% of Nurses quit the profession after the first two years to begin with. In 24 years of bedside care, I have never seen something so over blown in my Career. Fauci, Gates, Collins and all the politicians that went with this belong in prison.

    The irony is that when these men are old and laying in their hospital beds, diapers full, in need of pain medicine and water, there will be no one there to answer their call. Fitting. The corporations should have never gone there. Screw them! It was the Church that founded Hospitals, not big Pharma, Corporations or politicians.

    1. Chiefpayne

      I agree with you! Let the hospitals find others that don’t mind being fired at the drop of a hat!

  3. LM

    This will create a massive medical error potential on top of the unprecedented shortage.

  4. Tim Price

    Damn liberals crated this health care crisis!

    What a bunch of fools liberals are!