Wisconsin Gubernatorial Candidate Rebecca Kleefisch Releases New Campaign Ad, Knocks Evers for School Closures


Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch on Wednesday released her first campaign ad in 2022, pledging to allow in-person learning in the state.

The video, entitled “Open Schools,” knocked incumbent Governor Tony Evers for allowing districts across the state to remain closed and force students to learn virtually.

“Tony Evers sided with union bosses and locked our kids out of their classrooms, while children in poor and rural communities paid the heaviest price. As a mom, I will always put Wisconsin kids first,” Kleefisch said in the 30-second video.

If elected, the Republican contender promised to enact policies that empower parents to determine the best course of action for their child.

“Keep our schools open. Raise standards and send more money directly to the classroom to help children make up for lost time. And I’ll empower parents by expanding school choice,” she explained as her plan to combat education in the state.

The latest ad follows an announcement from Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) and Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) to return to remote learning at the beginning of the new semester.

The decision will force students in the state’s two largest cities to return to receiving educational instruction for their computer screens.

Furthermore, school leaders seemingly ignored multiple studies that have demonstrated the harmful impact of remote learning on students.

Specifically, in Wisconsin, standardized test and proficiency scores in multiple subjects decreased significantly over the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The race for the future of Wisconsin is in full swing and it’s time to pick a side,” added Charles Nichols, Kleefisch’s campaign manager. “Tony Evers is doing nothing while his union pals are locking kids out of classrooms. Rebecca Kleefisch is fighting for families.”

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