Senator Blackburn Introduces Bill to Support Manufacturers


Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on Wednesday joined Senator Gary Peters (D-MI) and introduced new legislation to help manufacturing across the United States.

The bill, the Strengthening Support for American Manufacturing Act, would propose enhancements to improve the U.S. Department of Commerce’s manufacturing programs in order to better serve manufacturers.

At the same time, the legislation would examine the strength of current efforts to support the businesses.

“The global supply chain crisis resulting from our dependence on Communist China underscored the importance of strengthening American manufacturing,” said Blackburn. “The Strengthening Support for American Manufacturing Act will streamline programs run by the Department of Commerce to eliminate government waste and improve efficiency. This legislation will benefit the manufacturing community based in Tennessee and across the U.S.”

In order to achieve the goals outlined, congressional approval would commission a study by the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA). The study must be submitted to Congress no later than one year after the Department of Commerce and NAPA begin the agreement.

Both Blackburn and Peters pointed to the reliance of the U.S. on China for manufactured goods as inspiration for the proposed legislation.

“It is essential we have a streamlined federal manufacturing strategy that can support businesses, create good-paying jobs, and secure our economic competitiveness on the world stage,” added Peters. “However, for too long our country has lacked a coherent, national manufacturing strategy like our foreign competitors – particularly the Chinese government. Additionally, federal support for manufacturers is often fractured, uncoordinated and difficult to navigate. That’s why I was proud to introduce this bipartisan bill to generate a more efficient, unified approach to federal manufacturing policy, and ensure we remain a global manufacturing leader for generations,”

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6 Thoughts to “Senator Blackburn Introduces Bill to Support Manufacturers”

  1. William Carmichael

    We already have an agency that is responsible for the proposals in this bill. It is called The Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office (AMNPO). There is no reason to hire a third party to do the job of an agency that is already tasked with the responsibility to conduct studies on the commerce manufacturing programs, the statutory foundations of the commerce manufacturing programs, and the merits and limitations of the commerce manufacturing programs and consider and evaluate options to optimize the management of the commerce manufacturing programs.
    The bill proposes the creation of yet another agency.
    This is just more pork spending that we cannot afford. How about we have the agencies that are already in place do the job they were charged to do instead of spending money on new studies and new agencies.

  2. 83ragtop50

    Wow! Another study. What is that going to cost to accomplish zilch?! Is this woman serious?

    As John has already commented – the problem is government choking free enterprise with its studies and regulations.

  3. Hugh Brooks

    Well stated John. So many bills have these wonderful titles and do not have a prayer of passing.
    They are just there to fool gullible voters.

  4. Dr Ken

    A bipartisan initiative, it has been a long time since reading that term, thank you Senators. Having said that, I hope the commissioned study isn’t proprietary in having the protection and continuance of what already exists. I agree with John’s comment except I feel the study is warranted but only if it is open and honest. That streamlining must include recommendations to eliminate the red tape, to reduce manufacturer expense to make it such that it is cost advantageous for the company to remain in country.

  5. John

    “The Strengthening Support for American Manufacturing Act will streamline programs run by the Department of Commerce to eliminate government waste and improve efficiency.”

    Programs don’t need streamlining – the need to be eliminated, along with all the regulations that made it cheaper for these companies to move their manufacturing overseas.

    This so-called study isn’t necessary. Follow the principles of Conservatism and the problem fixes itself.

    So Marsha, how about you get the hell out of the way and let the free market work as it was intended.