Professor Claims Constitution Is the ‘Enemy’ of Democracy


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11 Thoughts to “Professor Claims Constitution Is the ‘Enemy’ of Democracy”

  1. clayusmcret

    The least surprising part was that it was published by Politico.

  2. Joe B.

    This so-called “professor” needs to be on the end of a shovel digging ditches. Not only is this clown dumber than a rock, he’s dangerous since he has a position that allows him to spew his tripe to young impressionable minds.

  3. Deplorable Bay Stater

    It’s frightening to think that someone like this, who obviously understands very little about the Constitution and the founding of our FEDERAL democratic republic, is in a position to shape the minds of young adults. Unfortunately, there are tens of thousands of other “teachers” just like him throughout our broken educational system. Repairing the damage they have already caused, and preventing further damage, is a daunting challenge, but one that must be overcome; otherwise there is no hope for the future of our nation.

  4. John P Miller

    We are a constitutional republic and NOT A DEMOCRACY. Send the professor back to high school.

  5. David

    The Dems are the real threat to Democracy. They are the ones who are trying to weaponize the FBI and every Federal agency, to allow illegal immigrants to vote without ID, and to allow “vote harvesting”.

    1. Doug grows potatoes

      Dims; You’re welcome.

  6. David

    That professor is a Radical Marxist

  7. Umm, we were purposefully set up as a Representative Republic. No desire to become a democracy. Typical leftist wining, but surprising because don’t they have the Whitehouse, Senate and House???

  8. Dr Ken

    If what was written in this article is true, this instructor needs to be relieved of the position he is holding. It is not unusual for a faculty member in the soft sciences to make outlandish statements simply for attention. Having said that, this man is clearly ill qualified and misdirected. Those paying for his classes, be it the student, the parent or through tax dollars, are being cheated. Instructors like this, and I am intentionally not using the term professor, need to be fired.

  9. David Blackwell RN, BSN, CCM

    Most so called ‘liberals’ are broken people inside. And instead of fixing themselves, they want to fix the world around them, in authoritarian ways. Each and every one of them is a little, selfish, baby tyranny, just waiting to send you to gulag. Why? Because life ain’t fair. And when do they want it? Now!

    1. beaux

      Well said Mr. Blackwell.