Tennessee Stands Schedules Freedom Matters Event, Featuring Alan Keyes, Near Chattanooga


Tennessee Stands members have announced that they will bring back their Freedom Matters Tour later this month in the Chattanooga area.

Organizers have scheduled the event from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. ET, January 18, at The Vineyard at Howe Farms, located at 7600 Runyan Road in Georgetown, Tennessee.

Scheduled keynote speakers are former United Nations ambassador Alan Keyes, Tennessee Stands Executive Director Gary Humble, and Tennessee Stands Chairman of the Board Kevin Kookogey, according to an email that organizers sent to followers.

Tickets are available at the Freedom Matters Tour website.

“There are a growing number of Tennesseans who understand that the freedoms secured to our children and for generations is at stake. We are no longer willing to allow our rights to be trampled upon by those who seek to instill fear and tyranny. With these rights and values in mind, Tennessee Stands is bringing back the Freedom Matters Tour to promote constitutional values and to encourage Tennesseans to STAND UP for their personal liberties,” Tennessee Stands members said in an email to members.

“If you’re tired of the perpetual masking, medical privacy invasions, indoctrination in schools, and compromised elections, here is your opportunity to stand and be counted. Registration is FREE but seating is LIMITED. So please make sure to REGISTER NOW and reserve your spot at this important event.”

Tennessee Stands, according to its website, calls on state and local officials “to restore our constitutional republic.”

Humble announced in 2020 that he and other group members would seek new partnerships and a new initiative to recruit right-leaning candidates for county commission and school board seats across the state.

Organizers say that this Freedom Matters Tour attracts consistent crowds of 400 to 600 people.

Tennessee Stands has already held these tour events in Kingsport, Loudon, Mount Juliet, Greeneville, and Knoxville, according to its website.

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Photo “Alan Keys” by Freedom Matters Tour. Background Photo “Freedom Matters Tour” by Tennessee Stands.



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