Ohio Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Renacci to Invest $4 Million in His Campaign


Former congressman Jim Renacci, who is challenging Governor Mike DeWine in a GOP primary, announced on Wednesday that he will pour $4 million of his own money into the race.

The candidate, who has already spent $1 million on the contest, argued the added funds prove his dedication to defeating the incumbent governor.

The funds will be used for staff members that were recently employed and to expand resources throughout the state.

“The era of Mike DeWine’s failed leadership, defined by shutdowns, corruption and incompetence is coming to an end. The combination of rapidly growing statewide grassroots support and a campaign operation armed with the resources and personnel it takes to win are fueling our momentum. As Governor, I’ll deliver the accountable, conservative leadership we need—but step one is defeating Mike DeWine. And that’s precisely what I’m going to do,” Renacci said in a statement.

The primary challenger will likely need the additional money to compete with DeWine. According to financial disclosures, the governor hauled in more than $3 million in the first half of 2021.

Earlier this month, his campaign launched a new, statewide ad slamming DeWine for his connections to a corruption scandal that has impacted officials in the state.

“While DeWine has been plagued by an endless stream of corruption scandals and voter outrage over his recklessly liberal policies, GOP base voters have been powering Jim Renacci’s surging campaign to defeat DeWine,” Renacci’s campaign said previously.

“And while there’s no question that Mike DeWine will spend every cent of the special interest insider cash funding his quest to hold on to power, Jim Renacci has made clear that between small dollar grassroots donations and his own personal funds, his campaign will have the resources it needs to take down DeWine and deliver the conservative leadership Ohio families need and deserve.”

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