Commentary: Moms for Liberty Responds to Attempted American Dream Conference Cancellation

by Brett Craig


According to nearly every poll, Americans believe race relations are deteriorating. Clearly, it’s never been more important to ask the question: how can we better live up to Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream that we and our children “not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”?

This weekend, Dr. Carol Swain, president of Be the People Project and Moms for Liberty will be hosting the American Dream Conference here in Franklin, Tennessee. The goal of the conference is to engage in a fearless, wide-ranging discussion about race in America, as the nation celebrates and commemorates MLK.

To that end, we have assembled an intellectually and ethnically diverse line-up of thought leaders from around this country to discuss this important subject. Speakers like Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Carol Swain, Dr. James Lindsay, CJ Pearson and so many more.

One would think the progressive left would welcome this kind of discussion in Williamson County. Yet, the reaction from extreme leftist groups has been just the opposite: they’ve tried to get the event canceled by starting petitions and pressuring local businesses.

The great sin of the American Dream Conference, according to these woke extremists? That an image of Martin Luther King was used in a flyer for the conference. The claim is that this should not be allowed since Moms for Liberty supposedly wants to ban MLK from our schools.

Of course, the only thing Moms for Liberty wants removed from the classroom is Critical Race Theory, a pernicious ideology that seeks to divide children by their race. The fact is, Wit & Wisdom, the reading curriculum for Williamson County Schools, fully embraces tenets of Critical Race Theory. We spent 1200 hours reviewing this curriculum and you can view our findings here.

The truth is, far from canceling MLK, The American Dream Conference seeks to reify MLK’s dream.

Yet for the left, that’s exactly the problem: because they have rejected MLK’s beautiful vision.

The illiberal left’s new prescription for race relations in America is to be color-sighted and worse, make assumptions about people based solely on their ethnicity. And they are dead set on teaching this evil ideology to our children.

Today’s illiberal left would like to cancel MLK’s dream and invert it: to make the content of one’s character irrelevant, while elevating the importance of immutable characteristics like skin color.

Which is why radical leftists are attempting to cancel The American Dream Conference this weekend. After all, what could be more threatening to advocates of Critical Race Theory than a diverse group of people, boldly speaking about how we better live up to MLK’s noble call?

It’s worth pointing out, we’ve even invited members from opposing groups and proponents of CRT to debate our speakers at the conference, but, of course, they won’t. That’s because the left no longer believes in debate or dialogue. They only believe in silencing opposition and destroying people personally.

Fortunately, their attempts to silence Dr. Carol Swain and speakers like Dr. Ben Carson has fallen on deaf ears. We’re so appreciative of the many business owners, community leaders, and citizens who would not bow to these unhinged demands.

And we are reminded that we are fortunate to live in a place where free speech is embraced and cancel culture is not tolerated.

The American Dream Conference will be live-streamed to Dr. Carol M. Swain’s YouTube Channel.

– – –

Brett Craig is a supporter of Moms For Liberty and a resident of Williamson County, Tennessee.




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3 Thoughts to “Commentary: Moms for Liberty Responds to Attempted American Dream Conference Cancellation”

  1. David H.

    Great article. Thanks for publishing it. And thanks to Brett Craig and Moms for Liberty.

  2. David Blackwell RN, BSN, CCM

    The woke mob ain’t so woke. It’s Machiavellian. It’s run by the top. It’s run by the elite. It’s run by the secret societies. It’s run by the good old boy network. What it is not is enlightened.

  3. Dr Ken

    Race relations took a huge dive under Barry Obama and are taking even a further dive under Joe Biden. We need the mid-term elections to flip Congress, the democrat rule is not working. This woke movement, finally losing energy, did not work and will not work.