Senator Ron Johnson Responds to Inflation Spiking: ‘Tax on the Middle Class’


Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) responded to the recent spike in inflation, calling it a “tax on the middle class.” Johnson said in an interview with Fox News that “Biden and the Democrats have spent trillions to pay people to sit at home and not work.”

He said that because the government spent so much money paying people not to work, factories are unable to find employees so which leads to fewer goods. Johnson said, “We have fewer goods, we have too many dollars chasing those goods, so this doesn’t surprise me at all.”

Johnson said this is an example of how “Democrats inflate their way through deficit spending.” He said the path inflation is on is “very dangerous” and said he fears the United States is in an “inflationary cycle.”

Johnson said he believes any wage gains by American workers are being “wiped out by this inflation” and said it is directly caused by Democrat policies.

He referenced the most recent $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill that was passed, saying it was unnecessary as there was “$1 trillion left over from the last $4 trillion COVID relief bill.”

Johnson said he believes it is going to be “very difficult to break the ‘Inflation Tax’ of the Democrats.”

He also called stimulus checks a “horrible failure.”

Johnson said, “Our economy was raring to go. We should have NEVER sent out stimulus. We should have NEVER paid people to sit at home. This policy from the Biden administration of throwing money at a problem was NEVER the solution. Just a horrible failure by the Democrats.”

Johnson’s remarks came after it was announced that the United States was facing the highest levels of inflation since 1982. The Tennessee Star reported that inflation is now at 7%. “The Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased 0.5% in December, bringing the key inflation indicator’s year-over-year increase to 7%, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported.”

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Photo “Sen. Ron Johnson” by Gage Skidmore CC BY-SA 2.0.




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