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2 Thoughts to “Supreme Court Will Consider Landmark Challenge to Harvard, University of North Carolina Affirmative Action Policies”

  1. Deplorable Bay Stater

    Affirmative Action was originally supposed to be about making an affirmative effort to find qualified candidates for college entrance, jobs, promotions, etc., from “protected” groups, who would then compete with other candidates in the pool for selection based solely on merit. This was a well-intended program, and one which I actively supported. In my place of employment, we were indeed able to find qualified non-white and/or female candidates who might otherwise have been overlooked. Some of these candidates were selected and some weren’t, based on their qualifications and those of their competitors. From my perspective it was a useful and beneficial program, and it was accepted and supported by virtually all employees…for a while.

    Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the program to be subverted and turned into a quota system, wherein if you didn’t meet the quota you were presumed to be racist/sexist/etc., and were required to attend indoctrination sessions to “help” you overcome all your straight white male biases, after which you either met the quotas or were demoted, fired, or otherwise punished for your “refusal” to carry out the program.

    This was in the private sector, but the same sort of thing has been going on in colleges and universities for the last 50+ years,, and is one of the main contributing factors in the decline of higher-level education. It’s long past time for this practice to end, although I suspect that the damage it has already done may be irreparable.

  2. 83ragtop50

    This crap has been in place for decades. Deserving students are forced to attend another college while a less qualified person takes their place. Nothing like “unequal” opportunity under the law.