Wisconsin Republican Party Blasted Biden Administration as Vice President Kamala Harris Visited Milwaukee


The Republican Party of Wisconsin blasted the Biden Administration during Vice President Kamala Harris visit to Milwaukee Monday.

The purpose for Harris’ stop in Brew City was to promote the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which passed Congress last year and was signed by President Joe Biden.

The visit comes as Biden’s approval numbers continue to plummet. The latest polls from November show the embattled president would lose to Trump by ten percentage points, a fact that is potentially damaging to Democratic incumbent lawmakers in Milwaukee and across the state.

The Wisconsin GOP proposed a series of questions that outline the vice president’s stance on issues that they say are hurting Americans.

“Democrats campaigned on abolishing cash bail, but Waukesha was just attacked by a violent repeat offender who was let out on “inappropriately low” bail. Does Harris still believe in further threatening public safety by abolishing cash bail?” read one tweet.

The remark follows Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm allowing Darrell Brooks out on a $1,000 bail. He later drove through a crowd of people, killing multiple individuals.

“Wisconsin small businesses are already suffering from a crippling labor shortage, but Biden and Harris pushed unconstitutional vaccine mandates that would only make their problems worse. Does Harris still stand by this business-crushing proposal?” the group continued.

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court blocked the measure that would have required certain businesses to mandate the coronavirus vaccine.

“Democrats can’t seem to agree on reopening schools. Biden says they should stay open, but Evers has never led on keeping kids in the classroom. Will Harris encourage Evers to keep kids in school?”

The new semester began with Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) and Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), districts in the state’s largest cities, opting to return to remote learning.  Democrats have not pushed to keep schools open, despite numerous studies have demonstrated the harmful impact of remote learning on students.

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One Thought to “Wisconsin Republican Party Blasted Biden Administration as Vice President Kamala Harris Visited Milwaukee”

  1. Diana Trevino

    Yes Democrats will nevertheless change. Letting the lower income families think they have their best interest at heart. The reality is they are in it for themselves and to continue to support other countries before their own. Truth be told spend our retirement money for their own agenda and purposes and expect us to replace it ,and what we get is low retirement funds that are not enough to live on and one day no more retirement that came from our hard work we put in for is no longer payable to us. It’s time to get over Democratic ruling, they are destroying our country.