Governor Lee and Department of Economic and Community Development Announce $28.5 Million in Grants for 62 Counties


On Monday in a press release, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee and Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bob Rolfe announced that they recently approved $28.5 million in Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), which will assist communities with infrastructure improvements, housing rehabilitations and health and safety initiatives.

The $28.5 million in taxpayer-funded grants will be distributed to 62 Tennessee counties to help with local infrastructure, housing and safety improvements.

The allocation of CDBG funds is based on priorities set through the public meeting process at the local community level, according to the press release. The CDBG program is funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and administered in Tennessee by the Department of Economic and Community Development. Funds are available for water and sewer improvements and new extensions, housing rehabilitation and health and safety projects.

Each application was supported by the community’s senator and representatives in the Tennessee General Assembly, the press release notes.

“Investing in local infrastructure is one of our top priorities, and these funds will play a vital role as communities work to update their assets and keep their communities safe,” Governor Lee said in a statement. “These recipients are proactively preparing their communities for future economic opportunities and continued growth.”

Commissioner Rolfe also released a statement on the announcement, saying, “Community Development Block Grants are an enormous asset to communities across Tennessee. The 62 communities receiving CDBG funding will be better equipped for future economic opportunities, which in turn, will help our state continue to grow and succeed. I congratulate these recipients and look forward to seeing the successes in each community in the years to come.”

To view the entire list of the 62 Community Development Block Grants, click here.

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]




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  1. 83ragtop50

    Welfare in any form is wrong. Where is all of this “free” grant money coming from? Why does the legislature continue to permit this to continue?

    CUT MY TAXES and let me decide where to put my hard earned money.